America doesn’t need new ideas that don’t work as well as the old ones

socialism vs. capitalism

Liberals have been teaching the falsehood that socialism works well and makes the poor prosperous.  They have been demonizing capitalism as the economics of greed stealing from the poor while demonizing Republicans as acting only for the richest 1%.  The truth of the 20th century smashes their teachings, but students are being taught revisionist history and dysfunctional thinking in our schools.

“There is nothing new that is better than tried and true.”

Nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but it is not possible to replace what is tried and true with something better.  This is what liberals are attempting to do with capitalism.  They have been duped into believing that capitalism is the reason for the current state of the economy and that socialism will make it all fair for everyone.

The concepts of good and bad, fair and unfair, right and wrong, and legal and illegal are not synonymous.  They actually have nothing in common.  Sex is good.  It can be lousy making it bad, but even bad sex is good.

But sex can also be legal or illegal, fair or unfair, or right or wrong.  Sex between consenting adults is legal, but between an adult and a pre-pubescent child it is illegal.  It can be fair between to single adults, or unfair between a married person and an unmarried person.  And it can be right or wrong, right between a married couple, and wrong between unmarried people.

The same can be said of socialism.  It sounds good – no one is made to do without anything they need, at least in theory, and that sounds fair for everyone.  And everyone can have what they desire – oh, wait, that’s not what it means.

It means everyone will have food, and shelter, and heat, not that everyone will have cell phones, cable tv, and a car.  Nothing comes from nothing in this world.  Someone has to produce those things that are not necessities, but luxuries, and luxuries come at a cost.

Socialism relies on someone doing the work to produce what someone else needs, but everyone has wants that are not a part of that, and that’s where it all goes wrong because life isn’t fair.  Everyone cannot produce all their own needs unless everyone is a farmer.  In modern society there are far more things that can be produced that are not necessities of life.

Everyone cannot be equally employed, do equal work along with everyone else, and get equal luxuries.  There are some who are lazy, some who are driven, some who are greedy, and some who are giving, some who are skilled, intelligent, schooled, and some who are not.  Where in the socialist lexicon does it account for research, innovation, and progress?  Socialism is not progressive, it’s regressive.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Liberals demonize capitalism with no understanding that it is free market capitalism that has lifted two billion people out of poverty into the Middle Class for the first time in history.  Socialism, as proven by those nations that adopted it in the 20th century, doesn’t enrich anyone except those in power.  Just because Obama says capitalism failed does not make it so!

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

When Obama and his leftist friends say they want to replace the “failed old ideas” with their new, “progressive” ideas, they are not advocating for improvement to the human condition.  His idea of “new” is the same old failed ideas that leftist socialists have employed in the last century, depressing the economies of many nations while enriching themselves.  That is why Washington, D.C. has risen to become the richest city in the nation under liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans, and why those who are in government at the seat of power become multi-millionaires.

The problem with the American economy is not capitalism, but cronyism from Washington.

The economy is not operating on a free market, but by congressional and imperial edicts from Congress and the White House.  Congress makes laws and therefore has the power to make regulations for businesses, assign subsidies, taxes, and waivers for their friends in the business world who donated to their campaigns.  They get them elected with the intention of being rewarded with government contracts, subsidies, tax breaks, etc., that give them advantages over companies that are competing through their own merit.

Both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans enjoy this crony capitalism.  But cronyism stifles growth by stealing from successful businesses for those putting out lesser products for higher costs like electric cars.  Electric cars are extremely expensive, but they are not selling.  Instead the government is subsidizing most of their cost, so GM is making money, not by selling the best product, but by government giving them tax dollars taken from the people.

What makes this worse is that liberal Democrats are willing to borrow more trillions of future taxpayer dollars to subsidize their friends now, and to destroy companies that support Republicans regardless of how much the lower classes suffer.  More, they are willing to demonize and sabotage companies in order to blame Republicans and dupe the people into electing them to have the power in Washington.   The proof of this is from 2003 Democrats fought Republican attempts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that would have averted the 2008 mortgage bank crash that assured Obama’s election.

Democrats are sucking up the wealth of the United States under the guise of redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor, except that none of that wealth is going to the poor.  The United States is on the precipice of being torn down and turned into a tyrannical dictatorship by a man and a party who have no conscience about deceiving the people, cheating them of their futures, and blaming their political opponents for it.  All they need is an excuse, such as allowing another horrible terrorist attack, blame Republicans, and cement their power by declaring martial law.

On a last note in the confrontation with Islamists (which is just socialism with a god instead of without), Obama says Netanyahu offered no new solutions to Iran getting a nuclear weapon for use on the Jews.  There is no new solution to people who are devoted to killing you.  The only tried and true solution is to kill them before they kill you.

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