If it’s a Democrat program it is not for your benefit

Democrat propaganda

Democrats have pulled off the greatest propaganda coups of the 20th century.  They blame Republicans for the destruction wrought by Democrat policies and, with the help of the leftwing media, paint them as the party of evil, haters, and the greedy rich.  Half of Americans fall for it every time, especially the ignorant young who join with Democrats to promote fraudulent causes like that of illegal immigrants to take away all the rights of American citizens.

“The debate is over.  Climate change is a fact.” – Barack Obama

500 years ago the same declaration was made regarding the Earth being the Center of the Universe.  The insidiousness of Democrat propaganda is that they learned to present a truth with a lie by implication (that climate change is caused by man) in order to dupe their scientifically ignorant base.  Likewise other declarations by Democrats are outright lies, frauds, and disinformation to fool their voters.  All Democrat programs are designed to enrich Washington.

DNC – Democratic Naturalist Communist Party agenda

“Under ObamaCare the uninsured will be insured.” – Harry Reid

“Undocumented immigrants are Americans, too.” – Nancy Pelosi

“Republicans want to deny women birth control.” – George Stephanopoulos

But the greatest lie told by the Left is that;

“Democrats are for the little guy”

Everything Democrats have done for the last century have been to the detriment of the Middle Class.  From founding the Federal Reserve to the New Deal to Civil Rights welfare to global warming to ObamaCare, every Democrat program has been foisted on an ignorant public “for their benefit.”  But the people who have always benefited the most from these programs are the Democrats in government and their business friends who provide millions of dollars for their campaigns.

If you think Republicans are for the richest 1% and Democrats for the other 99% then you have had your head hidden where the sun don’t shine.  The last eight years has been as catastrophic for Americans as it was a century ago when Democrats got complete control of government for the first time.  When Teddy Roosevelt made the mistake of dividing the Republican ticket to allow Democrats to gain their first Supermajority in Congress along with the presidency, propagandists took charge to promote the fallacy and fraud of the leftist agenda.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a foolish Neville Chamberlain who laid down for the rise of the Nazis.  Obama is not appeasing America’s enemies like the Jihadis that are rising worldwide, but enabling them.  He has proven repeatedly that he is no appeaser in his contemptuous actions against the TEA Party.

Using government agencies like the IRS to pick their pockets, the EPA to crush their businesses, the FCC to silence free speech on the Internet, and the ATF to disarm the citizenry, Obama has shown he is fully capable of fighting dirty.  But when it comes to the Jihad he does not assist America’s allies to fight them.  Instead, he has been throwing up roadblocks and pouring sand in their gas tanks.

As GOP leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell stand idly by and watch, Obama is making law through imperial edicts to destroy the Constitution and the rights of American citizens.  His animosity for white people is manifest in his taking up the causes of black criminals killed while committing crimes.  His contempt for Christians is evident in his restraint of a counter offensive against ISIS.

Obama’s hatred for America is clear when he abuses American companies, steals trillions of taxpayer dollars for his rich friends, and promotes the destruction of the people’s Constitutional rights through government agencies.  Can America survive two more years of Obama?  The people elected Republicans to stop him, not Democrats to assist him in achieving his goal of fundamentally transforming America for the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world into another failed socialist experiment.

Democrat subsidies to the rich have exceeded $8 trillion dollars just in borrowed taxpayer dollars over the last six years.  Any Republican attempt to stop the hemorrhage of America’s wealth is cast as stealing from the Middle Class.  Meanwhile, Democrats are fleecing them, shutting down business growth, regulating the economy down to make more people dependent on their welfare programs, giving citizen benefits to illegals, and the Middle Class is shrinking as it has every time Democrats have been in power.

Every Democrat program was designed to fool and fleece the public like Social Security that Democrats created to “help retirees,” but then raided thirty years later and drained surplus from it rather than pass it on to the people who paid into it.  Democrats loathe any retirement program that allows people to be independent of government which is why there has been so much talk of raiding 401ks, 459 college funds, and private pensions.  For all their demonizing of Republicans, Democrats have been the ones actually draining funds away from taxpayers thwarting Republican attempts to re-established Social Security as a fund.

But the GOP leadership today, unlike that which opposed Democrat programs, seems more intent on just making a show of opposition while riding on Obama’s coattails to dictatorship.  The majority of the people do not want Republican replacement of Democrat programs that suck the wealth out of the economy.  They want them abolished and are looking for a leader like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas who will fearlessly stand against them, strike down their smears, and tear Democrat programs down to restore the America that the Founders envisioned.

Obama wants to raise taxes through executive orders

End of discussion – the liberal methods of shutting down debate

Proof of fraud – the Democrat agenda to tax Americans

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6 Responses to If it’s a Democrat program it is not for your benefit

  1. claudiamagda says:

    I noticed you mentioned Scott Walker in this article. Is that your endorsement for his candidacy? I have been watching the 2016 Conservative potential candidates and I believe Ted Cruz is and will emerge as the frontrunner. I also believe that if it isn’t to late, Mr. Cruz can set our country back on the right track. What is your opinion on this?


    • dustyk103 says:

      There are many excellent conservatives. My concern is that there are too many and they will dilute the primary votes too much and allow a moderate to gain the lead. I only choose Walker over Cruz because he has already been an executive who successfully beat down liberal challenges. But I would take any of a dozen conservatives over the Establishment moderate choices.


      • claudiamagda says:

        Well, I hope that many will be weeded out early. I’m sure we can count on the liberal media to assist in that matter.


        • dustyk103 says:

          and that is the subject of my next article. I’m with Rush and I don’t want the liberal media choosing our candidate. That’s a losing proposition.


  2. “500 years ago the same declaration was made regarding the Earth being the Center of the Universe. ”

    Actually, you think that because of yet another myth, this one produced by uneducated atheists.

    There was no declaration that the debate was over; it remained an open question. The churchmen that atheists want to slander were intellectually robust enough to know that they did not have enough information to settle the question. The most-accepted opinion was that the earth was at the center, because all the evidence pointed that way; we felt no motion, everything around us seemed to move, and so forth. The mathematics of the motion of the planets and stars was well-established. (Oh, and they knew perfectly well that the earth was round, too. “Flat earth” is another myth.)

    You should read what Copernicus actually wrote sometime. He was a neo-Platonist (where most of the church was Aristotelian), and his argument for the sun being the center of the universe rested on its appropriateness because it was so bright. There was no evidence for it, although it did make the mathematics simpler for calculating the motion of the planets. It was not accepted for that reason–his evidence was too weak.

    It was not until Sir Isaac Newton demonstrated that the planets obeyed the same laws of motion as objects here on earth that Copernicus’ thesis got enough evidence to be generally accepted. It did not upset anybody’s faith, nor did the Church oppose the new information. Hell, the Church paid both their salaries, both before and after they published!

    I recommend that you get your hands on a book entitled “Galileo Goes To Jail (and other myths about science and religion),” edited by Ronald Numbers. It’s a good read, and it will give you a clearer picture about the intellectual greatness of the Medieval Church. Then you won’t be participating with the general slander produced by Catholic-haters.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Though your argument begins on shaky ground, declaring the fallacies of the “flat-earth” and center of the universe” myths were both known, you conclude with excellent points from the Age of Enlightenment. This book is an outstanding read and dispels much of what the modern Left believes are the evils of the Christian church (the church that saved far more ancient/medieval literature than it destroyed). As an educated person you should understand that all articles, as with all people, no one can know everything and convey all knowledge all the time. So thank you for posting this and helping guide young seekers of knowledge to the truth.


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