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Charging racism in murder of Moslems, Obama speaks stupidly

The ten reasons Obama is a lying jackass Once again the president is inserting himself into a local crime using it to create racial division and strife where none should exist.  Saying that the murder of three students in North … Continue reading

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Brian Williams’ dismissal is military avenging Chris Kyle smear by the Left

After weeks of liberal Democrats smearing America’s greatest hero of this generation, and years of Williams claiming he came under fire in Iraq War, the soldiers who were there have had enough.  The Left’s anti-American campaign has come to a head and … Continue reading

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Obama orders Marines to surrender, asks Congress to approve war plans

Marines are stunned and humiliated by the order to surrender their weapons as they evacuate the American Embassy in Yemen.  Obama commanded the Marines through the State Department to lay down their arms to insurgent Jihadis and board a civilian … Continue reading

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Morality and ethics of the Prophet Mohammad and the anti-Christ Left

Moslems justify the Jihad of Mohammad and the actions he took in his life waging Jihad on Mecca.  Americans and Europeans are woefully uneducated about the religion that has inflicted more hell on Earth than any other.  Moslem apologists deflect … Continue reading

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Obama says 99.9% of Muslims reject the Jihad

Making this claim is like saying 99.9% of Christians reject The Great Commission.  Islam is the Jihad of Mohammad as he taught and fought in the seventh century.  People who say Islam is peace either have no understanding of Mohammad … Continue reading

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ISIS hasn’t killed enough Moslems

Democrats and Jihadis condemn Israeli bombs killing children who were placed as human shields around rocket launchers.  Yet they have been silent about ISIS beheading men, raping women, and crucifying children in Iraq and Syria.  Although Moslems complain that Jihadis … Continue reading

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Gitmo should be erecting gallows, not closing

In the 18th the British navy hanged all pirates upon capture without trial.  They did this because the terrors of the seas had become a danger to all travelers whom they were murdering, raping, and looting, torturing many to death. … Continue reading

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The government we can only hope for – Team America

Without a doubt, Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Col. Allen West have done more to advance conservatism and stop the liberal agenda that is destroying America than any other Americans.  The GOP … Continue reading

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Obama condemns Christians at National Prayer Breakfast

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama addresses the atrocities of Mujahideen Jihadis by condemning Christians for past atrocities committed in the name of Christ.  Saying that Islam is a religion of peace and that ISIS does not represent the teachings … Continue reading

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America’s last line of defense

God, Family, Country The Minute Man is the symbol of the Spirit of America. America’s defenses consist of several layers of government that provide military including federal, state, county, and local.  The military consists of much more than just those … Continue reading

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