Brian Williams’ dismissal is military avenging Chris Kyle smear by the Left


After weeks of liberal Democrats smearing America’s greatest hero of this generation, and years of Williams claiming he came under fire in Iraq War, the soldiers who were there have had enough.  The Left’s anti-American campaign has come to a head and being revealed for what it is as they slander American soldiers while lauding America’s enemies.

Leftist liberals have made careers out of stealing valor while simultaneously smearing America’s greatest patriots as baby killers, racist murderers, and fascist conquerors.  Revelations that Williams has been lying for years about his war experience, falsely trying to portray himself as a courageous reporter braving enemy fire along with America’s soldiers, along with other fabrications have been too long in coming.  But then, the Left gives more credence to slander-mongers, like Michael Moore and Follywood America haters, and those who make fake news like John Stewart.  They curse our soldiers as murdering conquerors who go on killing sprees against sweet Muslim defenders of freedom innocently cutting off the heads of charity workers.

Whatever liberal Democrats have touched, whether it is the economy, taxes, spending, or social upheaval, they are always on the side of those who want to steal from the rich, squander wealth on people who hate America, and those who would destroy all that is good and righteous in America.  In the last five decades Democrats have weakened and denounced America’s military, while aiding and abetting the expansion of the worst ideologies in the world.  The rise in crime in America resulting in criminals protesting police in Ferguson with slanders of racism goes hand in hand with their ideology of lies.  Wrongly oppressing cops claiming that blacks are guiltless, along with Obama’s attempts to make the religion of Mohammad faultless in the atrocities committed by Jihadis, (the guy who gave Usama bin Laden an honorable Muslim burial) shines the Light on the Truth; that the Left not only lacks a moral compass, but advocates for evil.

America’s greatest hero since Audie Murphy, murdered by a man who claims PTSD insanity but who may be a converted Moslem, being slandered by leftists as a racist murderer by MSNBC correspondents have incited retired generals to launch a campaign demanding a retraction and formal public apology of the perpetrators.  Active military live under the fear of the Obama administration that has acted against the military for six years because seventy million foolish American’s made a foreign raised, Moslem educated, anti-American socialist to be Commander-in-Chief.  Now Obama works to make waging war on ISIS so difficult for soldiers that it will only get them killed, and to hobble any future Republican president from being able to take the fight to the growing Islamo-nazi threat.

America’s Commander-in-Chief has given more solace and more credence to young black thugs killed while committing crimes than he has to America’s heroic protectors.  Obama spent time with the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, but gave none to the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.  The Commander-in-Chief who was there for America’s heroes instead of America’s criminals was none other than President George W. Bush.  This is the clearest example by which it can be recognized that America’s turn to the left has been a turn to corruption, and Brian Williams’ ouster is just the beginning of taking America back to righteousness!

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