America’s last line of defense

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The Minute Man is the symbol of the Spirit of America.

America’s defenses consist of several layers of government that provide military including federal, state, county, and local.  The military consists of much more than just those who serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines against foreign enemies.  It is more than the Coast Guard and Reserves for each branch.  America’s military runs through all layers of our culture protecting the people of this nation.

America’s Military

The first line of America’s defense is the Armed Forces; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard who keep foreign enemies at a distance.  These include the Reserves of each branch.  These forces are provided by the federal government as the central authority to provide this service for the people, providing for the common defense, and paid for by the taxpayers.  On the state level there is the National Guard which is also part of the Armed Forces.  While they are intended for the protection of the state with the governor as their Commander-in-Chief, and often respond to natural disasters and riots, they can also be called to serve on foreign soil as an additional reserve.

The second line is Law Enforcement that can respond to foreign invaders, but whose primary purpose is to protect citizens from domestic criminals.  Again, there are many layers from the federal down to the local level.  The FBI, State Troopers, County Sheriffs, and Municipal Police are all part of law enforcement.  In addition, there is the Secret Service, CIA, Homeland, and numerous other agencies all devoted to protecting Americans from enemies both foreign and domestic.

The third line is Fire/Rescue Departments.  These can be professionally operated or local volunteers.  They exist at all levels; federal, state, county, and local.  They respond primarily to natural disasters along with police, and to personal disasters like homes on fire or people having heart attacks or in car accidents.

Just as each branch of the armed forces services has all three elements within their ranks, each of these is ready to serve fully and completely with the others.  All consist of members who take the oath to protect the citizenry and provide for the common defense as outlined in the Constitution.  The only difference lies in the layer of government by whom they are contracted and their primary functions.

But all are peopled by those who make it the safety of the human race their personal responsibility.  They develop the moral courage and understanding to know the difference not just between good and bad, but between right and wrong.  Of the three types of people in the world, they are the sheepdogs, and many of them make the ultimate sacrifice.

“There are three kinds of people in the world; wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs.” – Wayne Kenneth Kyle, father of Chris Kyle, American Sniper

After all of them comes America’s last line of defense – your friends, your family, your neighbors.  This would be the Militia.  When all other defenses have been penetrated, when there’s no help coming, the last line of defense is YOU!  As an adult you should be prepared to protect your spouse, your children, and yourself lest you end as a sheep waiting to be devoured by the wolves.  Whether in a disaster or an attack you should be ready to act because help is always more than a phone call away.

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  1. dustyk103 says:

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top commenter · University of Georgia · 146 followers
    In the twisted values of the 20th century, people put far more value on the Entertainment Industry than on the Protection Industry.


  2. Always Truth says:

    you are a f***ing fool. enough of ur sh*t. [Moderator edited profanity.)


    • dustyk103 says:

      This is your intelligent, moral statement you call always speaking the truth? As always, liberal fascists smear the righteous with profanity because they have no intelligent argument to make with facts to dispute the truth.


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