Obama orders Marines to surrender, asks Congress to approve war plans

Marines evacuate Yemen embassy

Marines are stunned and humiliated by the order to surrender their weapons as they evacuate the American Embassy in Yemen.  Obama commanded the Marines through the State Department to lay down their arms to insurgent Jihadis and board a civilian charter to fly out of Yemen.  An American naval task force lay just off the coast of Yemen were told to stand down from extracting them.

America’s Commander-in-Chief ordered American Marines guarding the embassy in Yemen to surrender to the Jihadi insurgents that had just overthrown the American backed government.  Only by the Grace of God did they leave the country rather than be taken and publicly executed as a further demonstration of Jihadi power and American impotence.  Now Obama is going to Congress to ask them to approve his authority to wage war on ISIS according to his strategy.

Having lost four embassies in Arab countries in the last two years, along with half of Iraq to a growing Jihadi army, Obama’s record of defeat and surrender to Islamists grows greater every day.  While claiming his tactics of a half dozen airstrikes a day is pushing ISIS back, they have gained and consolidated their hold on thousands of square miles.  America is being defeated in a region where, just six years ago, Jihadis were crushed and all insurgencies squashed by the American military.  Everything Obama touches turns to sh*t; every victory for which he praises himself turns into another defeat from Libya to Yemen.

Obama and the Democrat’s schemes, deceptions, and frauds perpetrated against the American people work to undermine and overthrow the Constitution.  His constant claim that opposition to his establishing a socialist dictatorship are racially motivated, taking credit for the achievements of others, and blaming the failures of his Democrat policies on others has become a farce.  As he asks Congress for permission to wage his idea of war against ISIS, Obama dismantles and humiliates America’s military, which leads one to ask, “what’s the catch?”  Obama’s declaration that climate change is a greater security threat to American than ISIS, which is akin to saying ice bergs were a greater threat to shipping than Nazi U-boats, leaves patriots wondering what he intends.

Marines surrender weapons before Yemen evacuation


Obama asks Congress to approve new war powers act


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