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Trump says Hillary and Obama are responsible for hundreds of thousands dead

Obama and Hillary backed the Muslim Brotherhood revolt against secular rulers throughout the Middle East.  The result is the overthrow of several leaders that kept the peace, the rise of mass murdering ISIS savages as a new state, and the … Continue reading

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Playing from the kid’s table on the world stage – Obama’s epic failure

There is a triumvirate of evil paving the way for the Anti-Christ; ISIS, Obama, and Putin.  Obama’s foreign policy to weaken America while enabling Jihadis and socialists to gain power is setting the world up for America to fall and evil … Continue reading

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Bush damns Obama’s weakness vs. ISIS

Democrats wouldn’t give President Bush and America’s soldiers credit for taking down Saddam Hussein.  Instead, they condemn them for fighting an “unnecessary war” and stirring up a hornet’s nest.  W finally came out to denounce Obama’s weakness in the face … Continue reading

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Gitmo should be erecting gallows, not closing

In the 18th the British navy hanged all pirates upon capture without trial.  They did this because the terrors of the seas had become a danger to all travelers whom they were murdering, raping, and looting, torturing many to death. … Continue reading

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