Obama working to hamstring America from fighting the Jihad

Presidential skunk

Obama’s presidential symbol replacing the American Bald Eagle reflecting his character and policies to perfection.

Rather than working to take down the Jihad, Obama has been weakening America’s military while giving aid to the Jihadis rampaging throughout the Middle East.  Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and by extension ISIS/ISIL, and other Jihadis overthrowing their governments has made the world a much more dangerous place.  Non-Moslems living in these areas have been told to obey Mohammad’s law to convert, pay the tax, leave, or face the sword.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani said last week that Obama’s actions are not only but detrimental to America’s interests, but outright unpatriotic.  Instead of addressing the issue of Obama’s hobbling America against the fight of rising Islamo-nazism, liberals want to argue against Giuliani declaring he is disrespecting the office of the president making racist remarks.  This is to distract the public from the dangers Obama is enabling.

In recognition of his many violations of his oath of office, the TEA Party has given the Obama presidency a new symbol that is emblematic of his policies that reek of communism and his constant charges of racism against anyone who criticizes his actions.  The skunk is Obama’s new presidential symbol to replace the American Eagle, because it is half white, half black, and everything it touches stinks horribly and can’t be washed off.  This symbol befits Obama perfectly for all of his racist remarks, phony charges of racism, and his support of anti-American communism and Islamo-nazi fascism.

Along with his lack of action to stop the Jihad and surreptitious support of it, Obama has also spent the last six years forcing a communist agenda on America.  He has repeatedly insulted and denigrated American patriots in the most vulgar terms (teabaggers).  Considering Obama calling President Bush “unpatriotic” for running a deficit doubling the National Debt (a feat Obama surpassed in his first term), liberals decrying giving Obama the same label don’t only come off as hypocrites, but foul-smelling anti-Americans themselves, especially when they echo his own words saying that a trillion dollar deficit is now “patriotic.”

America, thy people have corrupted themselves

Obama says we cannot kill our way out of the war with terrorists

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3 Responses to Obama working to hamstring America from fighting the Jihad

  1. Steve Neal says:

    Great articles, past and present. Links to all previous work and research links were of great help and insight. America needs to awaken and understand that it is NOT just a matter of good Islam and bad Islam, or bad Muslims bastardizing their religion into a small radical faction… Nope, this is what their holy book instructs them to do when their population density and surrounding opposition politics warrant their defensive terrorist escalation, then all-out war.



  2. Christopher P Daly II says:

    Holy fuck you’re racist and intolerant.

    Isn’t this the country that supports freedom of religion and waged a civil war to end slavery?

    And you’re sitting here talking shit on our milano Muslim president?

    Dude, the majority elected him, suck it. Welcome to Democracy.


    • dustyk103 says:

      You mean our mulatto president? And you call me racist? 😀 And did the people who elected him understand that he was going to end freedom of religion (except for Islam) and reinstate slavery in the form of debt slavery? I don’t talk sh*t about him. I just tell the truth.


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