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Trump wants your children to drink dirty water

Leftists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are ranting insanely over the president’s revoking of Obama’s Clean Water Rule. Of all of Obama’s Executive Orders that President Trump could choose to abolish one of the first is Obama’s Clean Water Rule.  … Continue reading

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Democrats are Born Again!

Democrats have been reborn in the light of Hillary shining. Welcome to the reborn Democratic Party that no longer believes America to be the source of evil in the world.  Hillary says Democrats are the party of patriots who love … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Summer of Love 2016

Democrats working their magic with(out) the smoke and mirrors.  Democrats are love, Republicans are hate.  Apparently, no one explained to them that the Sith are incapable of using Jedi Mind Tricks.  That only works on the weak-minded liberals who believe … Continue reading

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