Democrats are the biggest losers in every way


Liberalism was on the ballot this election with a ten year record behind it and Americans have said they want their country back!

The Great Experiment in liberalism led by Barack Hussein Obama is coming to an end barring a coup in some form by America’s Community Organizer-in-Chief.  As liberals go ballistic over the election of Trump, the people who should be calling for law and order – Obama and Hillary – are instead endorsing and urging their fanatic followers to ever greater acts of sedition.  Hillary and the Obama Democrats have lost every step of the way this election and for the last six years.  Since succumbing to media propaganda blaming Republicans for all their ills in 2006 and turning to Democrats, America has gone into severe decline as the Left has sought to transform the nation away from its founding to make it a socialist banana republic.  But they lost and they keep on losing.


In the years before this the Democrats have lost almost a thousand seats in government throughout the country.  Now they’ve suffered three more defeats each more stinging than the last.  First they lost on Election Day when they discovered that stuffing the ballot boxes in California and New York didn’t change the Electoral College.  Then they lost the recounts when it was discovered more votes were counted for Hillary than were cast.  Now they have lost in their effort to undermine the Electoral College with Hillary having more Electors desert her than Trump.  Now they want to impeach Trump before he is even inaugurated.  The pathological derangement of the Left is on full display along with their media propagandists as the Nazi regime in America.


The Left’s Favorite Words to Brainwash the Public

The MSM does not report the acts of these fascists who call Trump a fascist when Trump is the one acting maturely, responsibly, and righteously.  As Islamic terrorists kill more innocent people Obama says “boo-hoo for you” while Trump says “we must eradicate them from the face of the Earth!”  This is what Americans have been praying for expecting for the last eight years as Obama not only allowed terrorists to make successful attacks in America, but fueled the flames of the Jihad and invited Islamists to live among us and Europeans.  Trump and the new regimes will have none of this Islamic invasion of the West.


But liberals don’t want Trump to stop them and are crying, “This is my America!”  What is liberal America?

Liberal Socialist America is;

  • Killing cops as a good thing because they think cops are racist murderers.
  • Stealing from the rich is morally right because they think the rich stole from them.
  • Living on welfare is a boon to the economy.
  • Cursing God they see as an oppressor and praising Satan whom they see as their liberator.
  • Damning Christianity as a rightful fight for freedom of choice and liberty from God.
  • But they see submitting to Islam as freedom of choice to promote peace from terrorism by becoming slaves to Allah.
  • Killing babies is the right of every mother who doesn’t want to be burdened with raising children.
  • Saving murderers they believe is preserving the sanctity of life.
  • Threatening the righteous who stand in their way of getting what they want is not Nazi thuggery but political discourse in their universe.
  • Bribing politicians is okay if it’s for a liberal cause.
  • Government corruption is good if it advances the liberal agenda.
  • Promoting frauds like global warming, Islam is peace, and illegals as rightful citizens deserving of benefits are all part of their dysfunctional religion.
  • Engaging in Nazism to force others to comply with their demands, but not recognizing themselves as Nazis, instead calling those who would stop their crimes the Nazis.

This is the America of liberals.  This is what they want and those of us who believe in freedom, morality, truth, justice, and the American way want no part of it!


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  1. EIleen says:

    This is a false flag. Soros is funding LOCAL ELECTIONS! Soros candidates are raking in $2-$3 million, while their opponents (mostly Republican) raise maybe $80,000.

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