Democrat’s Agenda Driven Candidates

Democrats are “feeling the Bern” as Bernie Sanders takes the lead in their primaries with promises to impose socialism to make everything free for his voters at the expense of working citizens.  Bloomberg has burned a half billion dollars producing commercials glorifying himself, then crashed and burned on the debate stage.  Biden still thinks he can win if he can master Obama’s ability to speak in empty platitudes of high rhetoric to dupe liberal lemmings to follow him over the cliff of the left.  Democrat’s top presidential candidates are their B-Team and one lying idiot woman.  If they could seize power, they would be happy to be the ones burning down the house of the American republic.

  • Bernie Sanders – thieving communist
  • Mike Bloomberg – contemptuous billionaire
  • Joe Biden – corrupt politician
  • Pete Buttigieg – charming gay
  • Elizabeth Warren – lying leftist

Their agenda is opposite Republican’s agenda to make America great:

  • Severely tax the economy to acquire wealth
  • Promote socialism for government to own business
  • Encourage perversion in every form
  • Import illegals to supplant citizens with free benefits
  • Disarm citizens so they are defenseless
  • Benefit criminals claiming it is social justice of the oppressed
  • Slander Christians as racist Nazis
  • Champion Islam against America
  • Dupe fools with climate change fears
  • Poison America’s education and society 24/7/365

Two-faced Democrats are running scared at the idea of Bernie heading the ticket.  Yet when they were all asked on the debate stage if they supported socialism in the form of giving free benefits to illegal aliens, every last one raised their hands.  When they were asked if any of them has a problem with a socialist at the top of the ticket, not one complained.  The only reason they are saying it now is because they want to sabotage Sanders the way they’ve been sabotaging Trump.

Their claims he hasn’t done enough to combat the Coronavirus the way Obama met epidemics by creating the likes of an Ebola czar is just more bashing and slandering.  Obama did nothing except give taxpayer money to some of his cronies.  Democrats, who bashed Trump for shutting down travel from parts of China early on, now say he’s not spending enough money on the problem as if that will make a difference.  They are hyping hysteria to drive down the Stock Market as Democrat cities like San Francisco declare an emergency despite having no incidents of the illness.  They are acting like this is Ebola that will kill millions of Americans.  They never cared when they imported millions of diseased South Americans to infect people in the USA.

Claiming that Trump’s trade war has undermined farmers is another two-faced lie.  Our farmers have been being cheated by China for decades and begging for someone to champion their cause.  To imagine that any Democrat, like Bloomberg who thinks farmers are dumb hicks who barely know how to put seeds in the dirt, is beyond absurd.  Bloomberg is simple minded because he’s a leftist.  They don’t get rich by being smart and producing great products.  They get rich by shaking down those businesses that do.  His contempt for farmers extends to everyone from factory workers to tech employees to the service industry to the military and law enforcement.

What can we say about CEOs?  They don’t have to know anything or be smart.  All they have to do is walk into a board room and say, “Make the company grow,” and it does.  Then they just collect a big paycheck.  Hunter Biden proved that a know nothing idiot can make millions on a corporate board.  That’s how Bloomberg became a billionaire because he did it better than Joe running a media industry with the power to smear his opposition.  Of course, Joe Biden may be a secret billionaire with his money in offshore accounts from the trade deals he and his sons did with China.  The money trail from China to him is certainly well hidden but known to exist.

Obama bragged about signing the stimulus to make the economy grow for a decade.  What a galactic joke on the ignorant.  What he did was sign the deficit plan that Bush refused to and then blame it on his predecessor.  He then gave almost a trillion dollars each year for eight years of future taxpayer dollars to his Wall Street cronies to make up for the losses they suffered when Democrats nuked the economy in 2008 to blame Bush for a recession.  The resulting economy was stagnated by Obamaism with each month’s increases in employment being quietly pared back after telling the public how great things were going.  Obama’s tax increases swelled the federal wallet while the people languished in a camouflaged depression.

The Great Obama Depression; 2008 – 2016

Trump Capitalism vs. Democrat Socialism

Democrats can only gaslight the ignorant

Now corrupt Biden says Trump inherited a strong economy that is being squandered.  Can Democrats gaslight their liberal lemmings sufficiently to convince thinking Democrat conservatives and moderates to believe that Trump’s economy is detrimental?  They all predicted a Stock Market crash on Trump’s election and got the opposite.  The market grew faster leading up to Trump’s inauguration than it had the whole eight years under Obamaism.  Business grew three times faster under Trump policies of eliminating Obama’s roadblocks.  Even so, American energy is still slow to recover.  Another Democrat closure of coal mining could result in America being subservient to Chinese coal forever.

Bloomberg spat on farmers as just performing simpleton menial tasks planting seeds and watering them to make corn stalks pop up.  This fool says Chinese communist dictators have “constituent voters” to whom they must defer.  This guy, who gets his corn from cans, doesn’t even know what farmers use to fertilize his vegetables.  He just wants to buy the next election by using commercials depicting him as the 2nd Coming.  Trying to win a debate the way Donald Trump does just landed him on his keister licking his wounds.  His attempt to express communist dictators as needing to please their constituents is for vapid fools who don’t know how socialism works.

Gay mayor Pete just wants an opportunity to be standing next to Trump and Melania while kissing his husband.  He’s charming, young, and ignorant like Obama believing he can make things work better when he doesn’t know how they work to begin with.  Where Obama had an agenda to advance the cause of Islam, give billions to the Muslim Brotherhood, and launch the Islamic State Caliphate that Trump had to crush, Pete wants to advance the causes of transgenders to allow boys to compete in girls’ sports to steal titles and crush their dreams.

Communists Warren and Bernie both openly advocate for communist ideals claiming that socialism is benevolent.  Warren already proved she will lie to get a job claiming to be a minority, and that she hasn’t the first clue how jobs and businesses are created and built.  Believing that government builds businesses and makes them flourish is as backwards as believing taking money from millionaires will make the poor prosperous.  This isn’t a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg.  Businessmen create businesses that create jobs that create tax revenue that government is supposed to use for infrastructure and education.  Instead, Democrats use that money to fund their lying campaigns and indoctrinate our children into their vile leftism.

Sanders has been the only candidate to openly and honestly admit that he wants a socialist tyranny to rule over Americans.  The rest of the Democrats are appalled that he would openly say what they all secretly strive to do.  They know that Americans will not suffer having government rule over them to take what they make and give it to those who only come into the country to steal from Americans.  That’s why Democrat leftists must only speak in platitudes as Obama did saying they want to “be fair” and bring “justice.”  Only when they are pressed to explain how they would do so could the truth come out that their ideas are promoting greed and envy and hate that will make good citizens into slaves for these thieves.  And when push comes to shove, they will just doubletalk to conceal the truth.

Social Justice, racial justice, and climate justice are all just leftist smoke to dupe fools into believing they are for justice rather than promoting bigotry.  Their open border giving invading illegal alien criminals rights over citizens is designed to destroy the republic and replace it with their own banana republic.  Their system converted Venezuela from the richest country in South America into the poorest in just one generation as socialist Hugo Chavez sucked up more than three billion dollars of his nation’s wealth.  Now their people are starving.  What does Bernie think he could get if he got control of America’s vast wealth?  Maybe make Bernie the world’s first trillionaire?

How socialism destroyed Venezuela in a generation of hope and change

Democrats hope for a brokered convention

Try as they have to slander Trump as a misogynist, racist, Nazi dictator, xenophobic homophobe, there are now loads of videos of Bloomberg’s contempt, not only for working people, but for minorities, women, gays, blacks, Hispanics, and virtually everyone.  There are none of these exposing Trump as being what Bloomberg is because Trump is not what Democrats claim!  It has all been smoke and mirrors lying about Trump Republicans being KKK Nazi fascists.  Democrats call Giuliani racist over stop and frisk because he sent cops into black neighborhoods to find criminals and they rounded up blacks.  Guess what?  Black neighborhoods have black criminals.  DUH!

Liberals are told not to listen to Rush Limbaugh.  They are told he’s a bigot who lies about everything.  If they did listen, they would discover that it is Democrats that lie to them and that they are the bigots.  How do I know that the leftwing media lies?  Because when I listen to Rush and FOX, they are always discussing what liberals say and do.  It is always wise to listen to what people say and then check what they do comparing the facts from both sides.  When you compare the stories from both sides, and you have a moral compass and education, you will know the truth.

For example, you should always wait a week following the day a liberal leftist Democrat makes a claim because it takes that long for the truth to come out.  Likewise, pay attention to when a story begins.  To think that the first time you hear about something is the first day it was revealed when it has actually been going on for a few weeks is the height of arrogant ignorance.  Most didn’t hear Pelosi say that the senate impeachment trial was a fraud until a week after it was over.  To foolishly think that is when the whole story came out is their mental flaw of being oblivious.  She was saying this before the trial even began.

Another example is the story coming out that Russia is again interfering in the election to help Trump.  Talk about delusional Democrats wanting to cry wolf and sell the people this bag of BS again!  Bernie, who honeymooned in Moscow, was told that Russians are encouraging his campaign.  His denouncement of them fell flat on his face.  Treacherous Schiff leaked from the Intelligence Committee to the NYT that it was Trump they were trying to assist.  All of this is just more smoke and blame so they have a scapegoat when they lose to continue slandering Donald Trump in the eyes of their oblivious constituents.

Checking facts is why liberals become conservatives when they are educated.  Obama pulled the wool over American’s eyes for eight years with his economy that was in survival mode after Democrats nuked it in 2008.  There was nowhere to go but up.  He issued imperial edicts to keep the economy suppressed.  He said Trump would need a magic wand to make it grow.  Turns out that magic wand was Trump’s own pen crossing out Obama’s dictates.  Trump put the nation back into growth mode.  Now Democrats are two-faced in their denials that the economy is great because of Trump, and at the same time trying to give credit for it being great to Obama.  It’s all part of how Democrats take credit for the success of others and blame their own failings on others.

(Biden has been epitomizing this with his wildly erroneous claims that he was the one who accomplished many great deeds.  He’s like Al Gore claiming to have invented the Internet.  Biden should make a bumper sticker saying, “Vote for Joe, I saved the world from Ebola.”)

The Deep State Exposed

Billionaire Democrats like Bloomberg and Steyer say Trump is a fraud who cheated others.  Working in New York against the corrupt Democrat government, there is no doubt that Donald Trump learned how to cheat a cheater.  He learned to fight dirty and that is what is needed to combat Democrat corruption.  RINOs like Romney who work with Democrats are part of that corruption.  Trump didn’t make tens of billions like Bloomberg and Steyer who worked with those corrupt Democrats.  Trump has made America a success where Democrats only promise to raise taxes for which the middle class will most certainly pay.  Claiming that Trump only gave tax cuts to the rich when we in the middle see the great tax cuts that we’ve been given know that all Democrats lie.

Likewise, we know China lies when they said the Coronavirus only infected a few thousand people.  Now there is evidence that there are tens of thousands of dead in Wuhan Province.  Did China deliberately unleash the Coronavirus to give Apple the shaft and hurt the American economy when they were forced to yield to Trump.  This is the district where Apple employs millions of Chinese.  A Chinese nurse came out on the Internet to say that there was already a hundred thousand infected when the Chinese were declaring only a few thousand.  The head of the Wuhan hospital said this was a weaponized virus and suddenly “died of it.”

Bernie saying that communist countries like China and Cuba have great education is also known to be a total load of BS.  China’s economy has only been built because of Nixon opening their post-Mao economy to trade with America.  To say they brought more people out of poverty than any country in history is a half-truth by which Democrats live.  They didn’t lift millions out of poverty unless they were part of the communist party and only with the help of America.  Cuba didn’t make advances in education but in indoctrination propaganda.

People still flee these countries for the liberty of living in America and not having a government oppress them.  That always changes when Democrats are in charge.  Bernie says to look at Scandinavian countries as an example of non-totalitarian socialism.  Scandinavian countries are in the process of destroying themselves by importing Islamists.  They are taking houses from rich people to give to their violent imports who are forming rape gangs to enslave Scandinavian women and breed them making Sweden the rape capital of the world.

Mao and Castro executed teachers when they took power and only what was taught by the state to be subservient to them was permitted.  Cuba is still a third world sh*thole were all the people are poor and only the government thrives.  In China, 80% of the population still lives in third world squalor while only those who serve the regime are permitted to prosper.  This has always been true in all socialist states from communists to fascists to Islamists.  They don’t teach literacy.  They teach only pro-government propaganda just as Islamists only allow their people to read the Koran.

Do you think China is working to contain the Coronavirus?  Their “containment” may be just killing tens of thousands of people and burning their bodies as even satellites have detected the byproducts of burning bodies in the atmosphere.  China uses the Internet to spy on their own people and control what they see and read just as Democrats do in America.  Republicans use intelligence and surveillance on America’s enemies to stop terrorism, while Democrats use them against law-abiding citizens.  To have an honest government would require the FBI surveilling all congressmen.  Imagine how quickly the likes of Omar and Schiff would be caught betraying this nation.

Denial that socialism includes all of these leftist ideologies is how they dupe fools into voting to become their slaves.  We know this because they are the violent oppressors of everyone else.  Those who do not submit to Islam are made slaves forced to pay double taxes and those who refuse are murdered.  We even see this in America where leftist liberals attack kids for supporting the president.  They riot in the streets, loot and burn businesses, and assault those who stand for freedom while claiming they are the victims.  They are told they have the moral right to beat down Republicans because the leftwingnut media slanders the righteous as racist Nazis.  This is exactly the same as 17th century Puritans cursing women as witches giving them the right to hang them and burn them at the stake.

Liberals are suckered into this ideology with promises of free benefits; free school, free medical care, free housing, free food, free money, and free luxuries like iPhones so they can continue to receive their indoctrination after school.  It all sounds idyllic like paradise on earth, a new Utopia, except that it requires teachers and doctors to become slaves of the state and every person who works for a living paying for everyone who lives as a parasite.  As Venezuelans discovered, nothing is free.  Bernie’s promise to make everyone equal is not by elevating everyone.  Government can say minimum wage is $100/hr., but that doesn’t make it real.  Unlike what Sanders and Warren believe, government doesn’t produce money.  They can’t pull gold bars out of their asses, but they can certainly spew crap out of their mouths.

The Promise of Democrats

The most amusing thing about the Democrat primaries is that the Washington swamp rats are all scared to death of Bernie winning the nomination and exposing them all for their socialist agenda.  They are hoping Bloomberg can throw a monkey wrench into this by winning enough delegates to make a brokered convention.  But if they then give the nomination to Biden, Bloomberg, or even Buttigieg, they will have their base in an uprising.  Even Chris Matthews says Trump would win 49 states.

(This is only because they know they have enough voter fraud in Minnesota to overcome any election as they did in 1984 against the Reagan boom.  They pull extra ballots from trunks of cars and school closets like they did in 2008 to overturn the senate election to give Obama a Supermajority with Franken.  When blacks go to polls and are told they are not allowed to vote, it’s not because racist Republicans are denying them their rights, but because Democrats have already cast a ballot for them.)

The bottom line is that the Democrats are pinning their hopes on their B-Team of fakes, frauds, and corruption and, because of Trump, the people are seeing it all out in the open.  All they have to offer is their lies, pandering, fearmongering, hatemongering, and their hopes of duping enough of their fools along with enough voter fraud to keep them grasping onto what power they have left.  Donald Trump could easily win 50 states and 2/3rds of House and Senate seats if Democrat voter fraud was shut down.

Putting ICE agents into every precinct and putting overseers to watch out for Democrats pulling phony ballots out would stifle 90% of their voter fraud and we would see a vast reduction in ballots for Democrats.  Leftists and liberals do not make up the majority of this nation.  Two-thirds of all Americans reject socialism, while 75% of Democrats believe it is benevolent.  That tells you who makes up the other 1/3rd of the country.

Democrats are openly praying for a global pandemic in which millions die so that there is an economic collapse.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to expect some liberal wacko doctor to kill a couple of Americans so that this country had some Coronoavirus deaths.  Leftist media is endeavoring to create a panic so that Democrats can have a crash like they engineered in 2008 because they believe that they could blame this on Trump and make people so desperate that they would elect even Bernie the next president.

There’s actually an extreme far left fringe radical group trying to emulate the movie, “Inferno,” by deliberately infecting themselves to pass it on and create a plague.  They are as sickening as they are delusional trying to make liberal Democrat’s dream come true.  This could also be spread by Islamist jihadis from Iran who, like their ISIS brethren in Australia waging the “wildfire jihad,” may be trying to wage a “plague jihad” to wipe out infidels.  Liberals are ignorant of the 200 jihadis arrested for arson in Australia who set the fires that they blame on global warming.  Undoubtedly, they will do the same with any virus.

Although Democrats slam Bernie as the front runner for his communist advocacy, their falseness is betrayed as they ALL advocate for communism when they declare they are for free benefits for foreigners who sneak into the country to steal from Americans.  Those don’t need to steal because Democrats will steal from taxpayers on their behalf.  This has been the methodology of Democrats from the Founding to promise freedom while delivering the people into servitude to themselves as the rulers.  They all say they are fighting against fascism for justice when they are the fascists, and the only justice would be to have them all swept from power.

Lackwits AOC declares Trump and Pence “science deniers.”  The leftist media always glosses over Democrat’s corruption and denial of science in all their beliefs from climate change to sex DNA.  Islamists want to cause as much disaster as possible in their beliefs that they can bring about the 12th Imam who, in the Bible, is the AntiChrist that they believe will defeat Jesus at the 2nd Coming.  They believe they can bring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by bringing war, plague, famine, and death to the world.  Their “colonization jihad” in Europe is destroying churches, raping women, and inflicting Islamism on the West.

Leftists endorse the chaos and lawlessness the create.  Why Democrats don’t face charges for their crimes as they falsely convict Republicans of crimes is the worst crime being committed in America today.  President Trump must end their voter fraud and indoctrination in our educational system.  Then the true American spirit will be allowed to shine in the elections to eject these leftwing America haters from our culture.  Perhaps then some of these liberal lemmings won’t be completely enthralled by their late-night hate shows that they think are news.  Masquerading as comedy with their hateful mocking of all things righteous is how they poison people’s minds.

Ingraham Angle – Democrat’s extreme radical smears to sabotage America

Fox & Friends – 2/28/20 Democrat’s two-faced lies of Trump Derangement Part I

Fox & Friends 2/28/20 – Democrat’s two-faced lies of Trump Derangement Part II

Fox & Friends 2/28/20 – Democrat’s two-faced lies of Trump Derangement Part III

Trump Exonerated! Perfidious Democrat Swindlers MUST Be Punished!

Insane Democrats Go Right Back to Russia!

Democrats Want to Make America Suck Again

Obama vs. Trump economy

The Best is Yet to Come

AOC explains why white people don’t know they’re racist

Obama planted moles to sabotage Trump

House Democrats encourage illegal aliens to vote

Socialism Is Mainstream in the Democrat Party

Drive-Bys Hope the Coronavirus Will Get Trump

Charlie Kirk: Don’t Disregard a Socialist, It Is Hard to Run Against ‘Free’

Turkey Opens Flood Gates: Syrian Migrants Granted Unhindered Passage to Europe

Crazy Bernie Panic Becomes Media Pandemic

[ADDENDUM: Coronavirus is not the new Black Death but Democrat’s new Great Black Lie.  It has already escalated to the levels of Russian collusion, Ukraine phone call, climate change hoaxes.  Democrats are saying Trump is a lunatic who believes the virus is a hoax when they know full well that he and Rush Limbaugh are saying it is the leftwing media’s hysterical, panic inducing response that they called a hoax.  There is no journalism in leftwing media, only smears and propaganda.  Liberals are easily duped by this because they suffer from the herd mentality of lemmings being easily distracted by bumper sticker slogans that have no substance.

Democrats are going to find out at their convention that there is nothing Democratic about their party of leftist socialists.  While the establishment rails against Bernie Sanders for being too openly honest about his being a socialist, they are equally appalled at Bloomberg believing he can buy the election with commercials based on lies.  Biden is as oblivious as any liberal Democrat who has no clue how grossly embarrassed he would be in a debate with Donald Trump.  All three of them have no chance in a head-to-head contest with the Great American.

As Super Tuesday launched, Bloomberg is on ballots for the first time.  But the elitist billionaire faceplanted just the day before in a Town Hall on FOX where every answer he gave to every question was so much double talk, lies, and smears.  The first question out of the gate was what would he do about Coronavirus?  His answer was that “it wouldn’t be happening” as if he could stop it before it starts, that Trump “eliminated 16,000 scientists from the administration” ignoring the fact that they are global warming fraudsters, that Trump “cut the CDC’s budget” which is an outright lie when their budget has been confirmed as increased, and Trump “is incompetently dealing with it” when Trump has been smeared as a racist for blocking travel from affected areas before the virus even became well known, and has been smeared as doing nothing because he didn’t give Democrats billions of taxpayer dollars with which to play.

Biden is proving he is mentally unstable and incompetent when he can’t even remember where or when he is or make the most basic quotes from the Constitution of why all men are created equal.  Or perhaps he, as a leftist Democrat, just can’t bring himself to mention God.  He brings nothing to the table except his own corrupt gangsterism and lackwit mentality.  Bernie is on fire, but all he offers is communism under the parent ideology of socialism which is just commie fascist Nazism lite.

Democrats are afraid that Bernie’s open leftism will hurt them down ballot as badly as the Obama administration did when they lost over a thousand seats in Congress, states, county, and town elections that even their voter fraud couldn’t overcome.  Democrats already make a big deal of flipping Texas.  The only way they could do that is through massive voter fraud using illegals and phony provisional ballots.  Democrats will use their corrupt apparatus to sabotage Bernie who wants to destroy America so that they can regain their ruling power through a deteriorating Biden.  Biden can then be replaced.  Bloomberg is just a putz who thinks he’s a better man than Trump.

Super Tuesday results are in and this is now a two-man race.  The others are just running interference waiting for their pay off to stump for the Democrat of their choice.  As I said, when it comes down to an open socialist and a blithering idiot corrupt gangster politician, the Democrat Party will be split.  They keep saying Trump is the most dangerous president in history.  He is dangerous to the left threatening to break their power.  He won’t do that unless he addresses their voter fraud machine and puts the instigators of their coup in prison.  But they will continue to poison the minds of their liberal lemmings by smearing Trump as being what they are and concealing the truth about their ideological beliefs.

The question remains not whether or not Trump can defeat Biden or Bernie, but whether or not he can defeat their voter fraud to recover the Congress.  Without Congress he will not be able to bring down the gangster division of the Democratic Nazi Communist Party.  Never forget that the same leftist assholes who deny voter fraud falsely accuse Republicans are voter fraud through Russia.  Everything they accuse Republicans of doing is what they themselves are doing.  When gaslighting lying leftists like F. Chuck says Trumpsters are gaslighting, or Donna Brazile tells Republicans they are stupid for seeing what they are seeing, just tell them they are the dumbshits who think they can pull the wool over our eyes.  Do they really think they can run against success with their hate?  Only liberal dupes who believe this is the Obama economy, America haters, and fools will believe that they should displace Trump for being a wicked man who gives them funny names when they portray him as Hitler and us as Nazis.

I expect that 2024, if Trump doesn’t institute severely restrictive laws to combat voter fraud, that Democrats will put up Michelle Obama against Pence or, hopefully, Don Jr. or Ivanka who will fight passionately without pulling their punches, and she will lure Democrats back with speeches loaded with platitudes of empty rhetoric the way her Moslem communist husband did.  With another Supermajority, Democrats would completely corrupt the electoral system by making America a corrupt democracy doing away with the Electoral College to make small states irrelevant, stuff ballot boxes with illegal’s provisional votes, and stack the Supreme Court with enough liberals to give their judicial activists power to overthrow constitutional law.  Even Lenin admitted that democracy can be used to corrupt the people into accepting socialism which is just a steppingstone to communism.  There is no difference between communism, fascism, and Nazism that all practice the same ideology.  With a corrupt victory, Democrats would again bring America down to fall into the darkness of leftism, and this time they will make it permanent.]

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5 Responses to Democrat’s Agenda Driven Candidates

  1. Roy says:

    The Democrat Party has normalized Socialism. They are truly a ‘large tent party’ comprised of ANTIFA, BLM, Trial Lawyers, Media, Anti-Semitism, illegal immigrants, and the Deep State with the one purpose of trashing our constitution, our natural rights, our wealth and our freedom. Total government control, over the population, is their only purpose for living.


    • radman414 says:

      You forgot the Indivisibles and the other far-Left groups that are now in a civil war with the semi-moderate Democrats who are desperate to keep an avowed socialist from usurping their party. Keep popping that corn folks!

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