Obama’s Apology Tour part II – renaming Al-Qaeda and global warming


Flood Wall Street protest conducted by anti-capitalist socialists continuing to promote the global warming fraud under a new name.  Although the ice caps have not melted, they just change the name and extol a new danger, while Obama changes the name of Al-Qaeda so he can continue to claim he wiped them out rather than helped them out by leaving Iraq.

BO, having lost the peace that President Bush won in Iraq, spoke at the UN this week to name American capitalism as the greatest threat to the world.  Having cut a deal to get the Saudis and other Moslem countries on board against the Islamic State Jihadis, Obama is making pinprick attacks to avoid Jihadi casualties.  Instead, he extolls the efforts of American communist sympathizers to condemn capitalism as the cause of global warming and protest U.S. wealth.

Obama’s UN Speech on terrorism

Obama’s UN Speech on “climate disruption”

As anti-capitalists march in New York under the banners of “Flood Wall Street,” replacing the Occupy crowd with their global warming fraud that the ice caps are melting, Obama activists continue to change the name to fool the same people.  Just as Obama says Al-Qaeda no longer exists since he killed bin Laden, but new terror groups have sprung up called ISIS/ISIL and Khorosan Group, global warming advocates keep changing the name of their movement to stomp capitalism.  From global warming to climate change to climate disruption, they also change their focus as the public becomes educated to their fraud.

Now that the CO2 hoax has been exposed by elementary science (CO2 cannot be a greenhouse gas in the upper atmosphere because it’s heavier than air), they now claim methane is the cause because fracking extracts natural gas (methane) from the earth.  The Left keeps changing the names of their anti-American, pro-communist, anti-Christian, pro-Islamic agendas to keep the low-information voter fooled.  As Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and the Left does that best by trying to shut up voices that expose them every day, like Rush Limbaugh whose advertising are being attacked.

Limbaugh exposes advertising blackmail

Americans are in danger from homegrown Islamists in America

Obama policies saving Jihadi’s lives, women, and the planet from America

A shining example of liberalism’s fecal brain matter – a lesson for the young

America is facing extinction unless we act now

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