Democrats Declare Hillary and Obama Guilty of Treason Should Face Death

In one voice, Democrats openly declared in their own two-faced manner that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are guilty of treason against the American people and that they should face the death penalty.  Of course, they didn’t say this of their messiah and his crone.  They declared this of President Trump when he answered George Stephanopoulos’ question of would he accept information on a political opponent from a foreign government?

Of course, he would!  Why shouldn’t he?  It’s information.  Not something that would harm the nation.  According to Democrats, to do so is treason that would undermine America’s democracy.  So, if that would be true of Trump if he did it, isn’t it true of Hillary and Obama who did do it?  By their own measure, Democrats have condemned Hillary and Obama to death for treason.  President Trump must take action against them and their operatives for their betrayals of this nation.

Hannity lays out the case for convicting Hillary and Obama of treason in accordance with Democrat’s interpretation of foreign collusion

Isn’t it interesting that every crime that Democrats accuse Republicans of committing is a crime of which they themselves are already guilty?  From racism to the border crisis to colluded with foreign enemies, every Democrat is guilty of the treason of which they falsely accuse Republicans.  Democrats are failures except in their deceiving and undermining American freedom.  From homelessness to failing economically, every Democrat city and state is a case study of the failure of democratic socialism.

California has become their inglorious example of how Democrat policies destroy prosperity.  This begs the question, what kind of dumbasses would vote for Democrats in America when all they have ever produced throughout history is poverty and misery?  The party of leftism, of slavery and lies, is now more openly the epitome of corruption, perversion, depravity, and deception than ever.  So how do polls ever say that people want more of them?  Because they are more lies designed to shape public opinion rather than reflect it.  This is the sickness of liberal minds.

Democrats declare that Trump saying he would accept information from foreign agents is an “invitation,” yet they hold Hillary and Obama innocent for paying foreign agents to create misinformation that they used for criminal purposes in their FISA spying warrants.  They try to condemn Kellyanne Conway’s free speech as a violation of the Hatch Act claiming she is campaigning for Trump when answering media questions.  Meanwhile, they send John Kerry to enemy countries like Iran to negotiate with them, undermine the President of the United States to wait until he is gone before they act against us in violation of the Logan Act.  Saying that Democrats are two-faced is an understatement when it comes to describing the deceptions and condemnations committed by leftists.  Americans need to wake up to the facts to stop supporting Democrats betraying America.

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12 Responses to Democrats Declare Hillary and Obama Guilty of Treason Should Face Death

  1. guidvce4 says:

    When I first heard about this interview with the Clinton operative, Stephanoupolos, I thought WTH?
    Then I watched the interview later when I got home. LMAO.
    Once again, the leftists have been played by the consumate 4D mental chess player who happens to be our President Donald J. Trump.
    By answering the meant to entrap the POTUS question from Georgie S. as he did, POTUS got the dims to condemn their own for their actual actions. Not a hypothetical situation, they actuallly did it!
    Of course, the leftists are going nuts accusing POTUS of what he might do given the same opportunity in the future. Opening the door to possible charges against the previous administration, including the 0zero and his head witch, Cankles.
    What a delight to watch the leftists, both sides of the aisle, twist and turn trying to nail the present POTUS for something he didn’t do. Nothing new there, they do it every day. With any kind of justice from the AG and IG investigations, 0zero and Cankles may actually end up twisting and turning in the wind at the end of a rope. Along with a long list of their fellow attempted coup conspirators. A public display of punishment for treason is sorely needed for the tree of liberty to be refreshed.
    Is that too harsh? I think not. It is what the leftist would want for President Donald J. Trump.

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  2. Roy says:

    I really wished those sweet, refined, compromising Republican pundits/congress critters would stop saying Pelosi is just placating her base. B.S. There are no moderate Democrats and I wish those Republican’s clearly identified Democrat policies as concisely as you DustyK103.
    Judges, media, college campuses, tech companies all preaching socialism and suppressing free speech. They are a danger to our way of life, our constitution and a cancer in our political system.
    The media protects BLM, ANTIFA, Soros, AOC, Ilhan Omar – we have a serious problem.

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  3. radman414 says:

    “Transference,” “projection,” or whatever term is most suitable to use when Democrats consistently blame Republicans for the very behaviors of which they are themselves guilty. It’s a technique that’s taken directly out of Saul Alinsky’s handbook, “Rules for Radicals! It’s glaringly transparent that “No-Nads Nadler and “A Damn Schiffless Man,” et. al., are desperately trying to divert the public’s attention from the justice tsunami that is building as we speak.

    Unlike Mueller’s 2 plus-year, $30 million “nothing burger,” investigation and report that the Dems and the MSM relied on so heavily to derail the president, I’m pretty certain that reports from the IG, AG Barr and investigator Durham, et. al., will unequivocally confirm: 1) the Democrat/Deep State plan; 2) the dirty tricks effort by HRC and the DNC to purchase the phony unverified “Russian dossier;” 3) the co-conspirators involved in obtaining the warrant-to-spy (FISA court fraud) that was perpetrated to discredit the legitimacy of both the campaign and subsequent presidency of Donald J. Trump; and, 5) the “connections” that go deep into the Obama administration (i.e., right to the top).

    By the way, a lot of credit goes to several watchdog groups, especially Judicial Watch for uncovering, via their FOIA efforts, lots of e-mails, etc., plus highly damaging, incriminating and virtually prima facie evidence that should, if justice is served, lead to the indictment, prosecution, conviction and incarceration of numerous “swamp dwellers” and the Democrat politicians they served. (It is an overflowing basket of despicables, dustyk103; so, keep up the good work.)

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  4. John Turley says:

    The riotous screaming the democrats call unity should be a jailable offence…treason is what it is and by law punishment is death .


    • radman414 says:

      I could be mistaken, but isn’t a sentence of death for a conviction of treason only applicable if there is a declared war?


      • dustyk103 says:

        I believe you are correct, sir. However, since the U.S. Congress has failed to declare war since WWII doesn’t mean we haven’t been at war. Currently, the USA is engaged in an undeclared war with Islam. Barack Hussein Obama used his position in the presidency to undermine U.S. National Security. He not only gave state secrets away to the Muslim Brotherhood, but gave them billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund their creation of the Islamic State Jihad to recreate the Caliphate. He then went to the next extreme to have American forces waste ammunition bombing empty desert while forcing the closure of American munitions manufacture. The truth of this was revealed in President Trump’s Townhall on FOX when he told America that his generals all told him they were unprepared for the escalations he endorsed to end the shooting wars in which America has been engaged because they had no ammunition. As far as I’m concerned this is absolute proof that B.O. betrayed this nation and is guilty of treason during war, and all of his Democrat cohorts are equally guilty. But, as in all things, Democrat corruption rules.


        • radman414 says:

          Oh, I agree 100% with what you have said. Several Islamic groups HAVE formally declared war on the U. S. and there are definitely Muslims and other leftists. in this country who are guilty of seditious attempts to overthrow our duly elected president, But, I’m still waiting on well-deserved indictments to be issued. .

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          • dustyk103 says:

            I’m with you 1000%! Why are Democrats not being charged with their thousands of crimes?


            • radman414 says:

              Maybe, just maybe, the president and Republicans are playing the Democrats’ game of waiting until the AG’s reports from Barr and Durham will have the maximum negative impact on the Democrats and their deep-state sycophants. Actually, as it appears that Uncle Joe is very close to becoming the presumptive nominee, this strategy will work MORE effectively against him than it would against “burn-the-house-down” Bernie (considering all of Biden’s gaffes, his baggage from the Obama administration, the Ukrainian scandal and his plethora of gaffes and embarrassing behavior…even towards prospective supporters). Hey, just my two-cents worth


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  6. Ernest hooper says:

    Everyone knows socialism leads to communism, the leftist are little children having a tantrum over every move President Trump makes but at the same time they expose they’re own guilt of collusion and treachery . Yet they somehow seem to side step justice. I have a feeling those days are over and The Judicial Watch will drag them kicking and screaming to face the music. Patriots not Marxists.


    • radman414 says:

      Late reply…but a good one. I hope each of the deep-state vermin are forced to “face the music” and the sword of justice. They tried desperately…”looking for something to find,” but failed at every effort…from the Russia collusion hoax, to the fraud perpetrated on the FISC, to Mueller’s “witch hunt” to the House’s impeachment “s-h-i-t show” full of hearsay, innuendo and hypocrisy cubed…but produced NO direct evidence of any impeachable offense against the president. Time for a plethora of indictments and perp walks!


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