Degrees of Liberal Lunacy – Ignorance, Stupidity, Insanity

Liberals become loons by allowing their ignorance to lead them into stupidity that descends into insanity becoming entrenched in their truth regardless of facts.  Their leftist ideology breeds closed minds, bigotry, hate, fear, and twisted morals.  Chelsea Clinton is a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance who says stupid things that insane people believe.

Chelsea Clinton says Trump is a sexist misogynist.  Intelligent people ask, “Have you met your father?”  The latest leftist conspiracy theory about Epstein is that it was Trump who took two dozen rides with him on the Lolita Express to Pedophile Isle despite documented proof that it was Bill Clinton.  That Trump kicked him out of his club for molesting waitresses is considered bogus!  You couldn’t come up with satire like this from your imagination.

When it comes to conspiracy theories it’s more believable that Clinton helped Epstein fake his own death.  How much would it take to bribe a handful of guards?  Why was he taken off suicide watch?  Why was that new guy there?  Why are liberals trying to create the Trump/Epstein meme and deny the Clinton/Epstein connection?  It’s all part of Democrat’s lies like everything else they say and do.  I learned not to believe what Democrats say back in the 80s when they smeared Reagan.

Now I don’t trust anything they have ever said or done, nor anything they propose or suggest.  Their history is proof of their duplicity just as communist’s history is proof that socialism is totalitarian evil.  Socialists always weaponize the government against the people.  Obama is living proof of this is how he turned the intelligence agencies that Republicans put in place to root out terrorism to use them against Republicans.

Why liberals live in denial and believe lies is a psychological dysfunction that psychologists have been unable to define.  Yes, they are bred in lies to compound their ignorance.  Lamestream media doesn’t tell them the truth about Russian collusion fraud or any other fraud they perpetrate, but that doesn’t excuse them when they hear the truth.  The only logical explanation is that they have fragile, immature egos.

This explains everything about their psyche and their adherence to leftism.  It is the basis of the biblical stories of good and evil and how evil is selfish, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, and self-deluding.  When boiled down to its essence, the war between good and evil is the war between those who work with others for the benefit of all and those who work for the benefit of themselves by lying about helping others to deceive the righteous.  It is people who believe their own lies who are the most dangerous to everyone else believing socialist totalitarianism is benevolent.

The Epstein affair is a distraction from the issues that are truly of supreme importance; the Obama/Hillary coup attempt, Democrats continuing to undermine the Constitution by importing illegal aliens, violating election laws, and striving to disarm the populace so they can impose socialism.

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