Democrats celebrate 5th anniversary of Ferguson

Democrats Presidential candidates are again tweeting the exposed lie that Michael Brown was murdered by a racist white cop while trying to surrender.  They are celebrating the life of a vicious criminal thug killed while trying to murder a police officer.  Their story that he was shot in the back with his hands up trying to surrender was exposed by physical evidence and honest witnesses who corroborated the truth.  Yet they maintain their lie.

Do they celebrate the anniversary of Dallas police officers being slaughtered, too?  You bet they do!  Leftists celebrate criminals and vilify the righteous.  Democrats are stoking the fires of racial division even as they blame Republicans for racism in America as being white supremacists. This is how the Big Lie is used to perpetrate evil by indoctrinating ignorant liberals into lies that started the Ferguson riots, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the nationwide assassination of police officers.

Justice for Michael Brown – the facts in black and white

When does liberal ignorance become stupidity then descend into insanity?  Democrats appeal to the basest emotions in people as they claim to be working for the glory of America.  They institute harmful policies then blame Republicans for the results.  When people repeatedly exhibit two-faced behavior, most intelligent people learn to recognize their lies.  Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, while stupidity is an inability to learn, and insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  What excuse do liberals have to continue to believe Democrats?

Culture War – The Poisoning of American Minds

NFL Links Arms against Police; Fans should shout, ‘BACK the BLUE!’

Trump’s rhetoric is not creating hate – it’s Democrat’s!

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1 Response to Democrats celebrate 5th anniversary of Ferguson

  1. Walter k. Woodward says:

    I’m afraid you are wasting your time on most Democratic believers, they are beyond hope!! They saw what Obama did to America and still believe he was the best president we ever had!! These same numbskulls cried when crook and, in my opinion, a murderer didn’t get elected as president!! It is sad that they are so blinded by hate, that they refuse to see the good that President Trump has done for our country!! Just my opinion!!!!!!


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