Democrats are not just Anti-Trump, they’re anti-America

The Democratic National-Socialist Communist Party lives the leftist lie of blaming others for the damage that Democrats do while taking credit for other’s achievements.  Democrats blame Republicans for the strife that their leftist hate groups like Antifa are creating in American cities where their militants are assaulting the innocent.  Then they turn around and take credit for Trump’s economy saying Obama built it.  Obama built the “new normal” of no manufacturing jobs, importing energy, reducing our military, and crushing American jobs with his regulations like shutting down coal, taking over GM, and stifling Christian businesses.  They slandered President Trump for his Independence Day Celebration as being narcissistic, yet he never once referred to himself, unlike Obama whose every speech he referred to himself a minimum of a hundred times.

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Independence Day Is Political! Join Us in Celebrating It, Leftists!

Freedom Scares Democrats to Death

Washington Military Parades and Presidential July 4th Speeches Through History

Obama set leftists in place in government, law enforcement, and the military to prosecute the righteous, persecute our soldiers for killing Moslem jihadis, and perpetrate crimes against Americans in violation of the Constitution.  AOC went to the border to create propaganda of ICE forcing illegals to drink from toilets and crying in front of an empty parking lot fence to show how much she cares about them.  Nike stupidly trashed millions of dollars in a sneaker campaign because of one man’s racist hate for America.  Democrat presidential candidates stand in front of cameras to spew hate and poison at Trump and his voters for every great thing they are achieving.  Then they offer to undo making America great in order to tax American’s wealth to give free healthcare and education to illegal aliens and deadbeats, then they demand our vote or be cast as evil racists.

This is the sickness of leftism that Americans cannot and should not tolerate.  Their voter fraud campaigns threaten to unmake America and transform her into their socialist toilet.  The millions of illegals that Democrats have living in the streets of the socialist state of California are living the liberal dream of crapping in their streets and drinking from their toilets.  Every crime and atrocity liberals say Republicans are guilty of committing are what they are doing themselves.  It’s like reviewing history to see the Nazis claim they were actually Jews fighting racism.  How these leftists are able to look people in the eye and lie without conscience can only be explained when one understands that these are two-faced, God hating anti-Christians who want to steal American’s prosperity and rule over this country.

To the left, America has never been great.  What makes America not great to them are the sins of slavery, oppression, and economic recession.  Any educated person knows that all of these “sins” committed against Americans were all done by the Democrat Party.  All the times America was not great have been when Democrats have been in charge.  They fought a war to keep their slaves and they’re fighting that war still to subvert Americans by teaching them that the slavery of socialism is Utopia.  The sin of Americans is believing these hate-filled, extremist radical pretenders warping their minds against righteousness.

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3 Responses to Democrats are not just Anti-Trump, they’re anti-America

  1. guidvce4 says:

    The massive amount of pandering by the left(commiecrats) is totally amazing. They are appealing to every sub-group of idiots one could possibly think of. These are the same groups who continue to display no common sense, logic nor rational thought in their life choices. The outcome is readily apparent to those who do use the aforementioned processes to make decisions everyday. All ya gotta do is look at Venezuela(note that its not in the news lately. Uh-oh) for the most recent example of how well socialism, the stepping stone to communism, works in that nation for the people. Not so well, hugely. That’s what the current crop of leftist wannabe prezs want for this country and “We the People”. They are aspiring to be the next Maduro or Fidel Castro. Every diddley damn one of them want exactly that. They just don’t have the courage to admit to it. They are laser focused on the destruction of the Constitution and this nation. The havoc they will wreak between now and 2020 is going to be something to see and remember for the ages.And it must be stopped in its tracks. Quickly and finally.
    Its up to the law-abiding, clear thinking citizens to counter this attempt to destroy our nation and way of life.
    The left does not really hate Trump, he’s just in the way of getting to us, “We the People”. They hate what he represents. The continued growth and well-being of this great nation. That is what they hate, freedom and liberty and all this great nation has stood for for 243 years.

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  2. Roy says:

    “Any educated person knows that all of these “sins” committed against Americans were all done by the Democrat Party.”
    Along with never saying that African’s sold their own into slavery, Republicans stay away from confronting Democrat’s or American citizens with these truths.


  3. Leland kendrick md says:

    I agree with you
    However Americans are Americans
    Freedom lovers
    Remember what happened when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
    Big mistake
    Well if democrats think freedom loving will just fall down and bow to Washington DC
    They are foolish
    We will as we have always done fight to the death for our America


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