America’s next Civil War, like WWIII, is already beginning


The seeds of war are often obscure when they occur, but are easily recognized when studied in history.

People look at history and they think they can mark the day that wars began.  The Civil War is said to have started on April 12, 1861 when South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter.  But the first shots fired were long before that at the Battle for Harper’s Ferry in October of 1859.  WWII can be said to have started on September 1, 1939 with the German invasion of Poland in Europe, but it also began on July 7, 1937 in Manchuria, and it didn’t begin for America until December 7, 1941.  But the seeds of it were planted after WWI and weapons and tactics tested in the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

America’s new Civil War was begun with the Civil Rights Acts of 1965 that were passed by Republicans but perverted by Democrats.  The advent of the Black Lives Matter movement calling for the neutralization and assassinations of police officers has been born from that folly multiplied by Obama’s divisive, hateful, racist rhetoric.  Unlike the 1st Civil War which was white men fighting to free black men from slavery, this new civil war is blacks fighting to be free to be criminals and attack and enslave white people.  Black gangs in America want free reign in their neighborhoods without white people dictating law and protecting citizens, and Democrats endorse them pushing gun confiscation from citizens and putting the foxes in charge of the hen houses.

Likewise, Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood overthrowing national leaders throughout the Middle East setting it on fire, and letting Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and Iranian military aggression go unanswered are all igniting the fires that will become the conflagration that will be WWIII.  And this time America will not emerge unscathed.  WWII saw the industrial nations of Europe and Asia destroyed, but WWIII will be fought with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons that will lay civilization waste.

Liberals quake at the thought of their dystopian world caused by the global warming fraud.  But they are engineering their worst nightmare of a nuclear holocaust and world war combined with a dysfunctional civil war through their division of America.  The Left is promoting Islamism and socialism in their quest for their Utopia with no clue that the world they are crafting is the stuff of nightmares.

Burning down the White House – Obama’s race war against white America

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3 Responses to America’s next Civil War, like WWIII, is already beginning

  1. Keith says:

    DustyK103 – your posts make too much sense. I now have to eat my words that I claimed common sense has left the planet. There is hope after all.

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