Democrats stage sit(laugh)-in against gun ownership

Democrats sit-in

“We don’t want to deny people legal gun ownership.  We just want you to give up your guns voluntarily.”

Following the Orlando massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub, Democrats staged bills to deny gun ownership to American citizens under the guise that they would stop guns from getting into the hands of terrorists, staged a mock sit-in, fully catered on the taxpayer dollar, to protest the bills not making it out of committee.  The Orlando shooter, despite being on the FBI’s terror watch list, passed a background check and bought his guns legally and openly.  Americans are being duped by Democrats who see the TEA Party as a greater terror threat to America than Islamist jihadis.

Like immigration, gun laws are already fully functional, but Democrats are refusing to enforce them.  Obama and the Democrats, who are inviting millions of Moslems to immigrate to America without passing any kind of background checks, are striving to fundamentally transform the United States and tear up the Constitution.  Republican Louie Gohmert confronted the culprits on the House floor and shouted at them, “It’s radical Islamist that killed these people and you know it!” to which the Democrats who allowed Mateen to purchase his weapons responded, “Don’t let terrorists have a gun!”  The terrorists to which they refer is the Republican Party that is attempting to stop the Democrat destruction of America.

Civil rights icon leads sit in to deny Americans Constitutional rights

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