Liberal media goes berserk over Trump’s vulgarity in public


Rubio says Trump’s hands are small and that means he’s small “elsewhere.”  The mockery was lauded by libs who then expressed “shock” that Trump would respond in a debate.  They believe their messiah to be without sin.

For those like Bernie Goldberg on O’Reilly who thinks Donald Trump is being too vulgar in bringing up the size of his manhood in debates this is a reality check.  First off, it was Marco Rubio who brought up the subject.  Why Marco is concerned about the size of Trump’s wiener we don’t know, but who cares?

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, this is a common thing among men.  Blacks have been saying those of African descent have the largest members for ages, yet we all know that if there were any truth to this then the porn industry would look like the NBA.  This is just another form of mockery that has been used by men for ages and the only ones who are concerned about it are those who are not proud of their manhood.

And, lest anyone forget the past of depravity in politics, let’s not forget the many extra-marital affairs of Bill Clinton or the vulgarity of Barack Obama in his references to the TEA Party.  Those who don’t think Obama has never been in the gutter obviously don’t have the first clue to what the f*** “Teabagger” refers!  You need to be educated!

A Teabagger is a gaming reference to a player who, after he kills an opponent, goes and stands over his dead body and repeatedly squats up and down, symbolically dipping his teabags into the opposing player’s mouth.  You think Obama using that term is sweet and innocent and not at all vulgar?  You are a fool.

And let’s not forget VP Joe Biden speaking into Obama’s ear as he announced the passing of ObamaCare.  If that wasn’t a big f***ing deal then you have no business complaining about Trump’s words.  The only thing that could be said about these two in their playground swordfight is that it would be nice if Trump had been more sophisticated in his retort rather than just saying he has no problem.  So get over yourselves.

Media cheers Marco mocking Trump’s manhood, then scorns Trump’s retort

Marco says Trump has small hands, which means other things are small

Trump responds to small hands, small member

Lib media up in arms over Trump’s vulgarity

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1 Response to Liberal media goes berserk over Trump’s vulgarity in public

  1. Dave Nettles says:

    This whole thing is quite a complex situation. Rubio started “Small Hands” & trump wasn’t about to let him get away with. So who’s the “Bad Guy”?. Rubio, he’s suppose to be a true Christian, just a couple of weeks ago he stopped to pray for a guy in his audience who was having a heart attack, but what happened here? The Word of God says, according to Bro Paul, that the tongue is the most unruly of all our members. According to Jesus he should cast the beam out his own eye before he goes after the mote in his brothers eye.

    Liked by 1 person

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