Obama bows beneath the yoke to Iran while lying to the American people

American sailors held

Even as he was giving the State of the Union Address with his empty seat and Moslem guest, Obama omitted the facts that Moslem “refugees” are bringing jihadi terrorists into the West, and that black gangs account for more gun crime murders than all other sources combined.  Add to that that he is giving Iran access to over a $100 billion while they work on producing a nuclear bomb, sponsor terrorism around the world, give weapons to terrorists to kill Americans, and even seized a U.S. Navy patrol boat and humiliated the crew.  For all of this, Obama thanks them!

Iranians seized an American patrol boat in the Persian Gulf that had engine problems claiming it had invaded their territorial waters.  Last week they fired missiles near an American aircraft carrier.  Where were our aircraft carrier’s planes when this boat was being seized?  The answer is the same place our planes were when the Benghazi consulate was under attack.  What kind of Rules of Engagement has Obama given the Navy that these things could happen and Obama thanks them!

What would Reagan do?

In ancient Rome, when an enemy was defeated they were made to bow beneath the yoke of domesticated beasts as a sign of submission.  In thanking Iran for returning ten American sailors they seized because their patrol boat engine had malfunctioned and humiliating them Obama has reached a new low.  At the beginning of his term he went around the world to bow before other country’s leaders and apologize for America.  Now he grovels to Iran and is about to unleash $150 billion dollars to the nation that sponsors jihadi terrorists around the world and is selling weapons and bombs to kill Americans.

Obama’s last SOTU was not embarrassment enough with the most unqualified, anti-American fool ever to occupy the White House lecturing Americans on treating our enemies better.  He kept an empty seat near the 1st Lady to represent the victims of gun violence.  It would have been better to have a young black thug sitting there as this chart shows most of those victims are of black gang shootings.

Chicago murders

In addition, just to rub American patriot’s and veteran’s noses in it, he invited a Syrian to sit in his box.  Considering how Moslem “refugees” are raping their way across Europe, and that they include ISIS jihadi terrorists infiltrating and attacking soft civilian targets, this merely exhibits his utter contempt for the American people.  The next president and Congress had better be prepared to rip every Democrat policy and appointment out by the roots!

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