San Bernardino terrorists had sex after shooting three dozen people

san bernardino terrorists

Celebrated their jihadi attack with backseat sex

An anonymous source at the FBI leaked the autopsy results of Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik revealing that the two had sex in the back of their SUV after murdering fourteen people and wounding twenty-one at a Christmas party.  The two, unlike typical jihadis, wore body armor and had additional weapons and bombs at home that they were going to use at a later date.  The FBI has been ordered by the Obama regime not to make this information public, but it answers the question of why the two stayed near the scene rather than make their escape.

Though this has been called the deadliest jihadi attack since 9/11, that is only because the Ft. Hood terrorist killed one less person, but wounded ten addition Americans.  Obama keeps wanting to call these attacks “workplace violence,” as if the jihadis were just upset about their fellow employees.  Investigators have already found that the two had been planning on launching terrorist attacks for years.

Trump condemned Obama’s open door policy for Moslems and has been vindicated by this investigation.  European countries are revolting against Obama and working to close mosques and eject Moslems from their countries.  Keeping Americans safe has become Trump’s #1 campaign issue, and both Democrats and Republicans are fighting him over it.

America does not need Moslem support

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