America does not need Moslem support


Obama says you must let anyone into your home whether you know them or not.  Just ask them at the door if they’re going to steal anything and accept their answer as the truth.  Is Obama stupid, or is he deliberately deceiving Americans to advance the Islamic agenda?

Liberals are making every excuse, casting every curse at Donald Trump for saying America should ban Moslems from entering the country.  From calling Trump racist (which is just stupid since Islam is not a race) to saying he will alienate our Moslem allies in the fight against ISIS, leftists are striving to destroy Trump.  The White House went so far as to declare him “unqualified” to be president and mocked his hair.

As the most unqualified liar ever to sit in the Oval Office tells Americans they must welcome anyone into their home that he says, regardless of whether or not they want to kill you or enslave you, Americans are flocking to Donald Trump for his good sense and courage to declare the truth.  When one jihadi can have his friends get guns for him to kill a dozen people with ease, Americans don’t feel safe allowing people whose religion is contrary to Christianity, who want to impose Sharia Law on a free people.  Obama saying, “That’s not who we are,” saying Americans must allow anyone who wants into their home smacks of the worst kind of stupid, but there is nothing stupid about Obama.

The liberal claim that such action will alienate our Moslem allies in the Middle East falls flat in the face of good sense.  The king of Jordan and the Saudi royal family have more to fear from ISIS overthrowing them than America does.  The fact is they need us more than we need them.

What have Islamic countries done to help us?  No Moslem country is sending significant forces to fight ISIS.  No Moslem country will even take in its own brothers from Syria, instead allowing them to invade the West with their jihadi brothers.

The problem is Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of secular governments throughout the region.  Egyptians, who overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood leader who attempted to establish himself as dictator, have declared Obama and enemy working for Jihad.  It makes more sense that Obama is doing what he said he would do, side with Islam against America, than that he is too stupid to understand the danger in which he is putting Americans and the world.

Egyptian TV hosts damns Obama

Throughout history, good sense during times of war has ruled when America put restrictions on descendants of our enemies living in America.  If bad sense was exercised, it was always by Democrats; relocating Japanese to internment camps, returning Jewish refugees to Hitler.  Trump isn’t suggesting any such things, but those Moslems who have come to America and then want to transform America into another Sharia hellhole have no place living in a civilized nation where freedom is the rule of law.

France is now closing mosques.  Germany is in turmoil after being strong-armed by Obama to allow a million Moslem “refugees” into their country.  Merkel, who Time Magazine just named “Person of the Year,” is going to be ejected from office by the German people.  The same is happening in Scandinavian countries where citizenry are attacking Moslem refugee centers as rapes and crimes by Moslems reach astronomical levels.

Letting Moslems freely into America when many are terrorist infiltrators and Islamist who would impose Sharia Law is the pinnacle of stupidity.  Liberals are not acting to make America better.  They are acting to tear America apart.  World War Three is beginning now.


Trump confronts O’Reilly on banning Moslems

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1 Response to America does not need Moslem support

  1. I don’t believe Obama is stupid, just controlled by the puppet masters behind the scenes of his administration. If I had to guess, I’d say they are the muslims in various countries in the ME and his chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Probably, the muslim brotherhood and all its branches has a large say in what Obama says and does. The left and the rinos seem to think they can control the mess they are creating without realizing they are useful idiots and will be eliminated once their usefulness is over. Liberalism/Progressivism is a serious mental disorder.


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