A billion Muslims can be wrong


Politicians say it is up to “moderate” Moslems to stomp out “radical Islam.”  The problem is that the Moslems who speak out against them are a very, very tiny group who are cursed by their brothers as apostates.  Even in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist group, churches are being burned and Christians slaughtered.

There are 1.5 billion Moslems in the world.  Polls show that 500 million Moslems believe in “violent Jihad” to destroy all infidels and make the world Islam by imposing Sharia Law.  They are ISIS, Iran, and most of the people in the Middle East.  They are the Muslim Brotherhood that has been overthrowing secular governments throughout the Middle East with Obama’s help.  In Libya they turned on their America liberators who helped them oust Qaddafi and murdered their ambassador, while in Egypt the people rose up and overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood leader who attempted to establish himself as the new dictator.

The fact is that Jihad, Holy War, is the foundation of Islam as taught by Muhammad.  It has been at the heart of Islam for fourteen centuries from Muhammad’s war on Mecca to ISIS.  There is nothing unIslamic about Jihad.  But liberals are so blinded by their ignorance and immature morality that they believe Christians and Jews form similar terror groups today.

While there were Christians in the past who were seduced by leftists to become militant oppressors (i.e. the Inquisition of the Middle Ages), today such groups are miniscule like Westboro Baptist Church.  Modern Christians do not fall for leftists who call for them to disregard the teachings of Jesus and conquer and oppress others.  But the fact is that some ideologies, like the Vikings who believed their religion prompted them to invade, rape, murder, and conquer their neighbors, had to be crushed.  Yet Christians crushed the Inquisition at the end of the Middle Ages and stopped the Catholic Church from emulating Islam.

Islam is the same as the pagan Germanic tribal religion.  Those who cannot be fooled into accepting Islam as a religion of peace, Muhammad taught them to infiltrate and conquer them from within if they did not have the strength to conquer from without.  The U.S. Constitution cannot coexist with Sharia Law, and Americans cannot peacefully coexist with people who want to kill them.

A billion Moslems want nothing to do with waging war against the world, but to live in peace and prosper.  Yet they adhere to the teachings of Muhammad by choosing to disregard most of what the Prophet taught them and called upon all Moslems to do – wage war with infidels.  Muhammad was not a peace loving prophet, he was a war mongering megalomaniac akin to Hitler, and he employs the same agenda and tactics as the Nazi leader.  Muhammad didn’t learn Nazism from the Germans, he taught them.

Muhammad – the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

Reforming Islam

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4 Responses to A billion Muslims can be wrong

  1. Also in Egypt 86 % of Muslims believe in death for apostasy. Hardly a minority


  2. Touga King says:

    If we define a “good” Moslem as one who is faithful to the teachings of the Islamic Trilogy (Qu’ran, Sira and Hadith), then every “good” Moslem can at best be a proxy Jihadist. And at worst… Now you connect the dots.


  3. Jsims says:

    I can point to countless bible verses that command you to commit horrid acts like stoning homosexuals, those who work on the Sabbath, and also point to all the women and children the Jews were commanded to kill in the old testament. I assume you are not doing these things. So does that make you a bad Christian? I presume you will point to how things are interpreted and how you think that you aren’t supposed to follow the old testament laws any more. In that same way, Muslims who are decent people look at the violent verses in their book and get a less dangerous interpretation out of it. My point is not to try to say one is worse or better than the other, but it is to say that any ancient book that is treated as the true word of God can and will be used to justify terrible things and some very good things. I do not like Islam or any other religion for that matter. Religion is one of the rare things that can cause decent people to do terrible things.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Of course, all of us who have read the Bible can point out horrible laws and that they are old laws from the Torah. Try doing that with Jesus. Muhammad, by comparison, has a plethora of quotes to kill, enslave, oppress, steal, and murder non-Moslems. It’s not the same to attribute the entire Bible to Jesus when the entire Koran is all Muhammad.


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