Press corps says Ben Carson is p*ssing into the wind

Carson Nat'l Press Club

A victim of liberal lies, Dr. Carson calls out their media for spinning lies.  There is no longer any journalism being practiced in the United States, and that’s why journalism has descended into profanity.

Following last week’s remarks about the Roseburg shootings by Dr. Carson who said, if he were in that situation he would hope he would have the courage to lead an attack against the gunman, the liberal press reported that Carson said the UCC students were pathetic wimps who sheepishly waited to die.  At the National Press Club Luncheon, Ben spoke out about the liberal press’ twisting words and using edited sound bites to create propaganda is why the people no longer trust the media.  Taking his statement, that he would hope he had the courage to fight back as meaning he was saying the students were sheep, is pure liberal dysfunctional thinking equivalent to being paid a compliment, “you look beautiful today,” to mean, “you look ugly all the other days.”

Dr. Carson calls out the press

Carson condemned the press for taking sides in a political fight rather than being the watchdog of politicians to stop corruption.  Obviously, Dr. Carson is only now discovering that reporters are partisan and that liberals in the media have been in bed with Democrats from the beginning.  An example of pure liberal media propaganda is exemplified by their reporting the Obama line that 97% of climate scientists are a consensus of scientists who believe mankind is causing global warming.  They don’t report that this statement is based on less than a hundred scientists, all of whom are on government subsidies to study climate change and make that report, are no different than the TV commercial that says 4 out of 5 dentists recommend a particular brand of gum, and that only five dentists, four of whom liked that gum, were the ones included in that “study.”

The liberal media is a propaganda machine that accuses conservative media of being the same, but they are not.  Liberals promote frauds like global warming, Islamophobia, homophobia, and abortion as righteous thinking when none of those things as they believe them to be even exist.  Mankind cannot change the climate of the planet, being afraid of Islamist that want to kill you is not irrational, men and women are not afraid to express their own suppressed homosexuality because they aren’t homosexual, and liberals always fight for the right to life holding candlelight vigils for murders, but are only too happy to support killing babies in the womb.

The leftwing media is one leg of the triad of corruption that includes liberal politicians and the leftist teaches that have infested our institutions of education.  Dr. Carson is right when he says most of us don’t trust the media anymore because of their propaganda.  The liberal press reply that he is p*ssing into the wind if he thinks he can tell them to be honest.

It should be noted for young people that media is supposed to report events in an objective manner and that opinion only be expressed in editorials.  But nobody in the media does this anymore, but practices what has been called in the past, “Yellow Journalism,” which is propaganda.  Blogs are often condemned by the Left for exposing the truth via opinion as “not proper journalism reporting,” which is why they want the government to shut them down and force licensing on all bloggers.

The Left detests those who expose their propaganda because they have no defense against the truth other than to mock and condemn the character of the authors.  This is why they urge their ignorant followers not to listen to FOX News or Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio.  When liberalism is compared to conservatism side-by-side, conservative good sense always stands above emotional liberal ignorance.  GQ’s vulgar, racist rant against Dr. Carson exposes the Left’s rage against a conservative Christian black man as being an even greater evil, in their minds, than a conservative Christian white man.

Media propaganda chart

GQ profanes Dr. Carson

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