Patriots betrayed by Republicans and Democrats alike

Islam invades EU

Just as Democrats have allowed millions of illegals to invade America with the promise of free benefits, Islamists are invading the EU with the blessing of socialist leaders.  Europeans are becoming incensed at the free welcome given to millions of terrorist sympathizers into their homelands.  American liberals stand behind the Islamists and illegals entering the U.S. with Obama’s blessing to tear apart the fabric of our nation.

In explaining the “Trump Phenomenon,” both Republicans and Democrats say the reason is due to both the stupidity of voters and their hateful hearts.  They ignore the disastrous anti-American policies that politicians have been embracing in putting taxpayers into generation debt, plus inviting millions of people who hate America into the country.  The GOP leaders who were elected to stop Obama’s pro-Islamist, pro-socialist policies, have instead joined with him while showing a false face to the public just as Obama does in enacting policies that have severely damaged America’s economy.

Donald Trump has been the most vocal and openly critical in declaring he would reverse this growing catastrophe.  But both liberals and moderates lack of understanding of morality leads them to damn conservatives as the worst of human beings for objecting to these policies for ‘turning away the poor and oppressed.’  As Jesus said of all such hypocrites;

“How do you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck of sawdust from your eye’ when you have an entire tree in your own.” (Luke 6:42)

Morality is not instinctive.  A child does not have to be taught to use force to take what they want from another child, he must be taught to share.  Likewise, liberals are not born understanding righteousness, but those who learn over the course of their lives become moderate and, hopefully, eventually learn the truth of conservatism.  Unfortunately, some people never learn, and others condemn conservatives from their inadequate comprehension of morality.

Jesus did not say of the poor:

“The law says that; if someone breaks into your house and pops out a baby on your living room floor, then you are responsible for feeding, clothing, and housing them as a member of your family, and that they get to vote on how you spend your money.”

This is the stupidity of accepting illegals as citizens.  These are not the poor and desperate of whom Lady Liberty speaks.  They are the thieves stealing into our home to overcome and oppress us, and Democrats are giving them our money rather than take care of our own needy.  America owes everything to its veterans, over fifty thousand of whom are homeless, and owes nothing to illegals.  Illegals do not add to our economy by “doing jobs Americans won’t do.”  They do not pay taxes and they send money they make back to their own countries.

Crimes by illegals are almost as voluminous as crimes by blacks who commit ten times more crime than any other demographic group except illegals.  The entire Black Lives Matter movement is based on protecting criminals from police and citizens.  The phony charge of racism against America’s law enforcement has lured the most naïve and gullible liberals and moderates to join their ranks against the men and women who protect us.

Hollywood unhinged

Beloved actors George Clooney and Will Smith have proven that intelligence does not equate with wisdom.  Clooney condemns Trump’s declaration to deport illegals to be stupid, and Smith gave tens of thousands of dollars to the racist, hate-filled Nation of Islam whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, declared they should engage in a race war to kill all whites.  If you are so keen on giving illegals a home, George, open your houses.  And if you would espouse Christianity, Will, close your wallet to Moslem terrorists.

Invasion by Islam

Islamists and atheist socialists ally against Christians, just as the Nazis and Communists allied against the good people of the world in WWII.  The West is currently being invaded by the worst people in the world who bring their hateful, violent religion with them, and they are being assisted by socialist dictator wannabes in our government who already allow Mexican drug dealers free transit across our borders.  No Moslem should be permitted to enter a western nation without first burning their Koran and leaving their oppressive death cult behind, no illegals should be permitted to infiltrate our country to garner free benefits, and those in government, the liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans who are making this happen, should be outed and ousted by those they declare are the “stupid haters.”

The rage is all on the Left where the Black Lives Matter movement killing cops, permitting illegals to supplant citizens, and stealing from the rich is all the rage.  The Right is nothing more than frustration with leadership that is selling out America, and the opposition party doing no more than making a show of stopping them.  America is being misled by liars, thieves, and the most corrupt politicians ever to sit in Washington.  And half the people believe the lies they are told that their politicians is working for their benefit rather than for their cronies.

Trump is popular because he is not a corrupt politician

Clooney condemns Trump’s immigration plans

Smith gives Farrakhan $150,000 for his “Justice or Else” march

Islamists invade Europe and America under the guise of refugees

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