Obama politicizes another tragedy to push his anti-American agenda

liberal vs conservative gun crimes

Before the blood of the shooting victims had dried, Barack Obama was standing in front of a microphone saying this shooting needs to be politicized.  He then went on to blame guns and law-abiding white people for the act of a criminal.  Without his gaze wavering one bit, Obama spoke with all the confidence and swagger of a pathological lying sociopath.  He declared that Democrat cities like Chicago with the strictest gun laws in the nation makes them safer – while 58 people were being shot dead on the streets of Obama’s home town.

Within hours of the shooting, liberal media was again spinning lies to cover up the fact that the shooter was another leftwing psychotic.  They tried to cover up that he was half black, that he read the websites of Islamist Jihadis, and that he was a Democrat.  They called him a white, redneck, conservative Republican.

Obama LIES!  Liberal media LIES!  Leftist LIES!

America doesn’t need more gun control, it needs more criminal control!

The people of Roseburg, OR refuse to allow Obama to come to their town to “stand on the corpses of our loved ones to push his agenda.”  Obama is no different than the Moslems who want to build a mosque on Ground Zero.  His hatred and contempt for all things American accounts for his agenda to make America weak, put citizens in danger, and lift the worst people in the world above them.

Obama not welcome to stand on corpses of Roseburg’s loved ones to push agenda

Obama’s strength and weakness in his soul over gun control and Russian attacks

No doubt that, if Obama does go to Roseburg, that he will not try to piss in their faces, but will piss on their backs once he leaves.  The Left always blames the righteous when one of their own commits mass murder.  Their solution is always to disarm the righteous, Hillary going so far as to want a law so that gun manufacturers can be sued, rather than punish the criminals who use guns.  Blaming guns for murder is like blaming pencils for misspelling.

Those who should be denied guns are easy to determine by examining the evidence of shootings.  Several obvious risk factors for mass murderers:

  • Blacks
  • Moslems
  • Psychotics
  • Democrats

If anyone wants to start banning people from owning guns in order to make Americans safe, they should start by disarming these groups.

Totalitarian bans

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