Michelle Obama goes on racist rant at Tuskegee commencement


Speaking at Tuskegee University commencement, Michelle Obama goes off on ‘America is a racist nation’ rant.

Expanding on her husband’s “America is a racist nation” theme where racist white cops hunt the poor black righteous criminals, the 1st Lady proved she was anything but.  What liberals are calling a “powerful” speech, patriots hear the dog whistle of Democrats that anti-black racism rules America.  For all the advances made in America over the last fifty years in race relations, the Obama’s have single-handedly set race relations back sixty years inciting race riots throughout the nation and assassinations of police officers.

Michelle Obama unloads anti-white racism at Tuskegee commencement

“The road ahead is not going to be easy.  It never is, especially for folks like you and me.  We’ve both felt the sting of those daily slights throughout our entire lives.  The folks who crossed the street in fear of their safety, the clerks who kept a close eye on us in all those department stores.  The people at formal events who assumed we were the help.  And those who have questioned our intelligence, our honesty, even our love of this country, and I know that these little indignities are obviously nothing compared to what folks across the country are dealing with every single day.  Those nagging worries about whether you’re going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason.  The fear that your job application will be overlooked because of the way your name sounds.”

Laura Ingraham quoted from Booker T. Washington who co-founded Tuskegee University,

“Character makes the man.  Associate with people of good character, not bad character.”

Booker T. Washington’s philosophy was the opposite of W.E.B. du Bois’ about racism who blamed whites for all the ills he suffered in his life just as the Obama’s and their ilk blame whites today.  White people are not forcing blacks to drop out of school, do drugs, commit crimes, and be teenage, unwed mothers.  They are doing that to themselves and the Obama’s are instigating the “blame whitey” mentality that is keeping them in thrall to the Democrat Party lies even to the point that they believe Republicans are the KKK.

When blacks Democrats hear from black Republicans who follow Washington’s Christian philosophy, men like Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, CEO Herman Cain, and Rep. Mia Love, rather than listen to their wise words they demonize them as “Oreos” and “house slaves.”  The Democrat Party has been promoting black criminals over police, racism over respect, dependency over self-reliance, and division over unity in America for the last sixty years.  The Obama’s have been the catalysts who came to office with the promise of uniting America, but have instead made it more divided than ever.

Booker T. Washington warned of people like Moochelle

Michelle condemned those who questioned her patriotism.  A 1st Lady of the United States who says she has never been proud of her nation, and believes America is a racist nation is no patriot.  She is a racist bigot.

Number of police officers murdered doubles in one year

Liberal professor says white males should kill themselves

Black Boston University professor declares all white people are racists

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7 Responses to Michelle Obama goes on racist rant at Tuskegee commencement

  1. karen hilgers says:

    Moochelle has done it again. She is showing herself to be a perfectly matched race baiter to her husband, the greatest race baiter in our history. Just keep picking the festering sores and they will spew blood; both black and white blood will be in the bath to even farther weaken this once great nation. YOU make me sick at heart for the hate you support and encourage.and the damage you do to our country.


  2. karen hilgers says:

    What does MODERATION Mean? It must mean I need to be censored. Does not surprise anyone since we are not first lady boot licking.


  3. dustyk103 says:

    Bill Lowery She has a right to say you are racist. It would appear just from your posting this URL that you are indeed a racist.smile emoticon
    Like · 1 · 29 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer And anyone who thinks I’m racist can kiss my white ass! wink emoticon
    Like · 28 mins · Edited

    Angela Seeley If you took that as a racist rant I’m sorry for you. You would only take that as a racist rant if you were a racist. I took it as she’s speaking to everyone and relating her personal experiences. There is nothing wrong with that speech. It’s empowering to anyone who has a brain and listens to it.
    Like · 26 mins

    Bill Lowery Thanks again for proving my point. smile emoticon
    Like · 26 mins

    Greg Wertz Bill Lowery, you’re a shit for brains troll.
    Like · 18 mins

    Dusty Koellhoffer Her personal experiences of being black in a “racist white people?” She and her husband have lived lives of privilege. There was nothing motivating of empowering about that speech. She did not qualify that they will face racist people. Everyone faces racism from someone, whether white vs. black or black vs. white. It was purely a rant saying all white people are racist and will be trying to keep the black man down. How about extolling the virtues of not being racist, of respecting others rather than demanding respect from others? How about promoting obeying the laws rather than invoking riots and shooting police? How about demanding personal responsibility for your baby mamas instead of labeling them hoes and b*tches?
    Like · Just now

    Angela Seeley It was a college speech. It was empowering if you can’t see that then I’m sorry for you. Think outside of your box for once and don’t see everything black and white. A good speech has always used personal experiences that way people can relate. She was talking to a black college so she used her personal experiences as a black woman. If she went to a white or mixed college she would have used other examples. When you nit pick and complain then you obviously have something internal that is an issue. It could be your racist and don’t want to believe it. I always say those who bitch over stupid things have something to hide. Don’t bitch if it doesn’t bother you. As a white person I find nothing wrong with that speech.
    Like · 1 hr

    Dusty Koellhoffer If you find nothing wrong with it why are you trying to find fault with my opinion because I do find something wrong with it? If you think you’re so color blind, then why do you think a white man complaining about a black woman’s declaration that white people are the only ones who are racists is racist? You, madam, have a tree in your eye trying to remove the speck of sawdust in mine.
    Like · Just now

    Dusty Koellhoffer Here, argue for this person. http://www.youngcons.com/black-boston-university…/

    Black Boston University Professor Says the Uhthinkable About White…
    Like · Remove Preview · Just now


  4. dustyk103 says:


    Dusty Koellhoffer • 4 hours ago
    LOL! Good one, Col.

    Michelle Obama goes on racist rant at Tuskegee Commencement
    1 • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    Brendan Dusty Koellhoffer • 4 hours ago
    What was racist about what she said?
    Waht did she say against anyone?
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer Brendan • 2 hours ago
    What, do you think she’s going to come out a say white people are racists? She condemned all white people as racist by implication and that all black people will be beaten down by racist white people all the time. An honest person would have said you will face racist people occasionally, but not to let their behavior affect your actions. Everyone is prejudiced, but few are bigots. Michelle’s examples made bigots of all white people and exonerated bigotry by all blacks. That’s racist bigotry on her part.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    Brendan Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    Ah… So you admit you aren’t actually criticizing what she said. You are criticizing her for what you imagine she meant.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer Brendan • an hour ago
    Her implying that white people are all racists is not my imagination. Nice try. Why don’t you explain what you imagine she said?
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    Brendan Dusty Koellhoffer • an hour ago
    You are imagining things.
    Saying discrimination exists is NOT the same as saying all white people are racists.
    That’s idiotic
    Saying racism exists is not the same as saying everyone is racist.

    If you warn a female friend or relative to be careful walking down the street at night by herself, are you saying all men are rapists?
    • Reply•Share ›
    Dusty Koellhoffer Brendan • in a few seconds
    The Obama’s, Democrats and the entire Left are making a full campaign of condemning all white people racists unless they agree with them and all men rapists. Feigning innocence only works with people you can fool. It is no one’s imagination that Obama called the TEA Party racists, the new KKK, anymore than it is anyone’s imagination that the Feminazis are saying there is a rape culture on college campuses. Your game doesn’t play here. The only people you can dupe with your innuendos are the fools who continue to support Democrats, and then they wonder why their country is failing.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    IAmAndrew Brendan • 3 hours ago
    My goodness if I was black I would kill myself with the picture she painted of America. I thought it was a pitiful way to speak with the audience of recent grads.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Brendan IAmAndrew • 3 hours ago
    What did she say that you disagreed with?
    • Reply•Share ›
    Marijw Brendan • 3 hours ago
    Brendan if you don’t know you never will. Do you even know the difference between the black community in Alabama and those in Chicago or New York? Secondly, those students had already overcome obstacles to finish college, who doesn’t. Michelle could have given them a hand up rather than putting her own biases on them. It is shameful that she would load them down with more burden when they are just feeling accomplished and celebrate.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    Brendan Marijw • 3 hours ago
    So you can’t answer the simple question?
    What did she say that was racist?
    Is pointing out that discrimination still exists racist?

    And clearly, you did not see her whole speech and see all her words of encouragement and congratulations.
    • Reply•Share ›
    sootheater . Brendan • 3 hours ago
    The fact that she made no mention of anti-white discrimination is profoundly racist. Her real motivation should be obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Brendan sootheater . • 3 hours ago
    You are insane.
    There were a lot of things she didn’t mention.
    She didn’t talk about the Irish Potato famine either
    She was talking about her personal experiences you dolt
    • Reply•Share ›
    sootheater . Brendan • 2 hours ago
    “She was talking about her personal experiences you dolt”

    Her personal experience? You fucking idiot! She went to fucking Princeton!!!! She wrote her fucking senior thesis whining about perceived racism. She is literally obsessed with the topic and has no appreciation for those blacks (and non-blacks) who grow up in ACTUAL poverty and experience ACTUAL abuse in life! She just wants to be the victim so that morons like yourself will like her. The truth is that she lives a life more pleasant than most of the world can even begin to imagine!

    I really hope that you are not in the military. There is no way that anyone should trust your idiot self with a firearm of any kind. I wouldn’t even trust you with a baby spoon!
    • Reply•Share ›
    Brendan sootheater . • an hour ago
    Wow. So you just revealed you know nothing about how she was brought up and believe her life started at college. And you believe that blacks who went to nice schools never faced discrimination because everyone on the street respected their level of education.

    And yeah… Sorry if the fact that I served bothers you.
    • Reply•Share ›
    Marijw Brendan • 3 hours ago
    I did. Did you? I wouldn’t have wanted to hear that negativity when I graduated. Michelles life and their lives if they live in Alabama are different; their experiences are different.
    • Reply•Share ›


  5. dustyk103 says:


    Vann Parker · Follow · Top Commenter · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    How was that a racist rant?
    Reply · Like · 1 · 12 hours ago

    Ricky Bobbito · Top Commenter
    White male racists remind me of my dog when she starts barking at inanimate objects . While y’all are fixating on blacks who mention racism white women are working tirelessly to undermine your kind . Continue barking at nothing if you wish but your numbers dwindling in America and you will eventually be stifled out of existence by your own kind (y) .
    Reply · Like · 3 · 12 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 146 followers
    She condemned all white people as racist keeping blacks down. That’s racism and ALL racism must be crushed, not just that of a few bigoted white men. Black bigotry is worse than white bigotry has ever been.
    Reply · Like · 13 · 12 hours ago

    Carl Trotter · Top Commenter · Little Rock, Arkansas
    Ricky Bobbito –If whites no longer exist WHO WILL PAY TAXES ????
    Reply · Like · 9 · Follow Post · 11 hours ago

    Lee Newman · Follow · Top Commenter · MS Delta Jr College
    Without White people, blacks would starve to death!
    Reply · Like · 2 · Follow Post · 7 hours ago

    Ricky Bobbito · Top Commenter
    Dusty Koellhoffer . She did not say all white people are racist she said white America is racially hostile ? f you are genuinely worried about that message from circulating as a white man then focus the There are millions of white women teaching that white men are predominantly racists , are predominantly rapists , are sociopaths by nature ,and posses strong in-group preference lol .
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 7 hours ago

    Ricky Bobbito · Top Commenter
    @Carl Trotter no one said anything remotely close to that ? The fact that you got 5 likes for arguing against an ideas that was not brought up let alone suggested in this thread is a testament to the stupidity festering on this forum lol .
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 7 hours ago

    Ricky Bobbito · Top Commenter
    Dusty Koellhoffer . Please cite where Michelle Obama said all white people are racists . Also what is this heinous black bigotry you are talking about read a history book . If you think being accused of racism far exceeds the heinous things African Americans have gone through for the past few hundreds of years you are delusional …
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 5 hours ago

    Gloria Dolan · Top Commenter
    Ricky Bobbito, your own people sold your people into slavery. And Ricky you just wrote this ” Continue barking at nothing if you wish but your numbers dwindling in America and you will eventually be stifled out of existence by your own kind (y) ” so he is asking who is going to pay the taxes when we are gone?? Where will the welfare come from?? It will not be the illegal aliens in this country as they are tapping into the system too…
    Reply · Like · 1 · Follow Post · Edited · 3 hours ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 146 followers
    As far as the Obama’s are concerned it’s still a hundred years ago and blacks are still oppressed by white people. Just the fact that a black agitator is president is enough to prove that a lie. Oppression has been lifted off of blacks who now can achieve as great a position in America as any white. But those who profit off of the race grievance industry continue to push the narrative that blacks are oppressed because so many are not rising out of poverty.

    The reason they do not is because the Democrat Party figured out how to make them dependent on welfare rather than education and employment. The only people keeping blacks oppressed today are themselves by turning to welfare, drugs, and crime. No one alive today has ever owned a slave, but Democrats have made blacks their voter slaves.

    Stop living in the past and instead of making baby mamas of your b*tches and hoes try being fathers and teaching your children righteousness. Stop teaching them hate and teach them responsibility and respect for others. Nobody owes anyone anything. Focusing on a few bigots by declaring that everyone who is white is a bigot is making every black who listens to them into an anti-white bigot and that’s not going to help them get anywhere in life except prison.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


  6. Larry Brown says:

    Moochelle and Barry are both racist frauds to the bone. Although cut from different cloth, they resemble the Clintons in that they infect everyone and everything that has the misfortune to be caught in their web of prevarication, division, negativism, and terminal incompetence.


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