There are three types of people in the world

Team America philosophy

Profound philosophy can be found in the silliest comedy.

People as they are born are small, petty creatures filled with envy and greed.  They are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, (sic MIB) who resent those who are not, and they will gladly lie, cheat, steal, or kill to get what they want.  Without being educated and taught respect for their Creator, which will inspire them to aspire to godliness and rise to the status of cultured, civilized human beings, they will descend into barbaric savagery.  Even Christians have fallen prey to the craven mob mentality, and that this must be qualified demonstrates to what depths American culture has been corrupted.

As a lifelong war and adventure gamer, I like to put things in a statistical data pool.  And as a fan of “Team America; World Police,” I like to define people according to three most basic characteristics.  While each of these characteristics is inherent in all of us, how much each one dominates our character makes us who we are, and they are not evenly distributed amongst humanity.

The three types of people I like to define using the Team America model.  People are dicks, pussies, or assholes.  How each makes up a percentage of the populace I have found to be equitable to a six-sided dice.  By the percentage of one die your dominate personality trait could be one of the three.  And just because one is dominant does not mean the others are not present and have no effect.

Team America – Dicks, pussies, and assholes

So, in my personal estimation, people of each characteristic type make up a percentage of the population roughly equivalent to the percentages found on a six-sided die, and they are;

  • 6 –     Dick
  • 3-5 – Pussy
  • 1-2 – Asshole

You don’t actually have to roll a die to determine your personality as that was done long ago.  Examine your beliefs, motivations, and actions to determine if you are a warrior, a wimp, or a weasel.  Remember – warriors fight the strong, weasels prey on the weak, and wimps either run away or roll over and play dead.

Animal metaphors abound which is why I like to combine Team America’s dicks, pussies, and assholes, with American Sniper’s sheepdogs, sheep, and wolves respectively.

Dicks are the sheepdogs who protect the flock or the bulls that watch over the herd.  They are the leaders, defenders, and innovators who make the world better for everyone.  They are the most determined fighters for peace, prosperity, and liberty for all.

Pussies are the sheep, but they come in a variety of types.  There are the lowly, frightened sheep who will serve the wolves in hope of not being devoured, which is something like the Stockholm Syndrome.  On the other end of the scale are the rams amidst the sheep that will stand behind the sheepdogs.  And there are those who live in fear of both wolves and sheepdogs and just want to be left alone.

Assholes come in two varieties; predators and scavengers, more readily recognizable as conquerors and criminals.  The conquerors are powerful and will make the sheep their slaves, and they will often join forces to overcome defenders.  Criminals are weak and will gang up on the weakest, backstab, or live off the scraps of the conquerors.  They are parasites who will sometimes find a conqueror that they will follow hoping to rape and pillage.

There are all kinds of animal metaphors that can describe the Right and Left.  The Left is more likely to admire the lion as the King of Beasts, top of the food chain who can take what he wants.  The Right will admire the bull that guards the herd from the lion.  With all the different ways in which people try to label one another, it’s easy to confuse what is righteousness and what is wickedness.

By example, Satan is often depicted as a slobbering beast, yet he is described as the most beautiful of the Arch-angels.  Outside he/she is seductive, but the Father of Lies, Prince of Darkness, master deceiver and manipulator, and banished ruler of Hell is as ugly inside as he/she is beautiful outside and that is what priests try to show.  He/she is a being who serves only himself, and is so narcissistic that he turned away from the Glory of God to lead a third of the Heavenly Host out of the Kingdom in rebellion.

While every nuance of human character can be broken down into categories, the bottom line is that; while everyone has characteristics of all others, it is not what we think, but what we do that defines us.  And it should only be by our own, personal actions that we are judged, and though prejudice is in everyone only the bigot will judge someone by what others do or say about them.  We are all sinners, but few will sometimes act righteously.

Morality in humanity

Righteousness – God’s Love vs. self love

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