Baltimore mayor gives protesters the go ahead to riot, loot, and burn

Baltimore rioters

Black rioters in Baltimore reign supreme with mayor’s blessing.  Police withdraw as rioters loot and burn at will.

Mayor Rawlings: “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.”

Baltimore mayor: “Give protesters space to riot and destroy”

Genius!  Pure genius!  Let the criminals rule!  Let them loot and burn and rape and pillage and murder at will.  Just let them get out their frustrations and they’ll feel better and go home, right?  Is that her logic?

WTF is WRONG with her BRAIN?

Now, after the damage is done, she says her words were misconstrued.  Horse crap!  If that’s their attitude then we should let Democrat cities burn.  No insurance!  No taxes!  If they want to rebuild let them pull pieces from the rubble and build it themselves!

Democrat’s response to criminal behavior is to give criminals what they want.  The only solution to criminal behavior is punishment so severe they are afraid to be criminals.  Reason does not work with barbarian savages.  Bludgeons and bullets do!

Baltimore citizens are crying for protection as their homes are being burned.  Al Sharpton, black agitator extraordinaire, announced he is coming to the rescue even as Baltimore police, who have been “hog-tied” by the mayor, demand the National Guard be brought in.  Why would any police wish to serve where criminals are permitted to attack them without reprisal?

Baltimore rioters 2

Liberal stupidity reigns supreme in Baltimore;

Democrat journalists are calling the rioters “children” because they are many teenagers.  They are the kind of “children” that attacked Elijah with intent to kill him until the Lord sent a bear to maul and kill them.  They are not sweet and innocent toddlers.  Teens are not adults, but neither are they children.

The mayor says this should not define them.  This defines you, Madame Mayor.  I don’t care why they guy died whose death they say they are protesting.  The lie in Ferguson was enough!  One of your officers is in a coma, hit in the head by a rioter’s stone.  Fourteen others are injured, and you give these savages permission to riot!?!

This is what you get when you elect liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans.  They say, “Let them riot, insurance will pay for it.”  Insurance money belongs to their customers.  Are you ready for your rates to go up?  They say, “The city should pay for it.”  The city’s money belongs to the taxpayers.  Are you ready for your property taxes to go up?

Anonymous Rioter: “First of all, this is not a war!  It’s not a war!  We want peace!  But y’all gotta give us that!  If y’all keep comin’ ‘n’ takin’ everything we got, we gonna take what y’all got!  We not playin’ out here!  This is not a war!  We want our rights!”

No one is stealing from the poor!  These criminals demand rights?  No one has a right to stolen property, and no one has a right to take control of neighborhoods.  The government exists to protect citizens from criminals like this.  Gangs of “children” serving gangster bosses should never be allowed to rule, but Democrats have made their rise to power and election by these people possible so that dictators can rule.  The government is supposed to protect citizens and crush these criminals, but that is not the intent of Democrat rule.

Baltimore rioters 3

If any citizen has the temerity to defend themselves, then that government will invade their homes, seize their weapons, and prosecute them for violating criminal’s rights!  This is why you should never vote for liberal Democrats.  This is why you should never vote for moderate Republicans who will work with liberal Democrats.  America can either be the land of the free or it can be the land of the freeloader.  It cannot be both!

What does President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, have to say about this rioting?


Rioters and looters belong in jail, the morgue, or the business end of a nightstick

Obama sets the savages loose to shoot police over “legitimate grievances”

Martin Luther King, Jr. addresses rioters

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2 Responses to Baltimore mayor gives protesters the go ahead to riot, loot, and burn

  1. Komer West says:

    The Governor needs to place the Mayor and her people placed under arrest. Charged wit insight to riot. Insight to cause damage and insight to cause bodily harm. The state of Maryland needs to take over and place the city under Marshall Law.



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