Assassinating the Clintons, Obama releases damning evidence of corruption

Hillary Scandal

Hillary says, ‘Nothing to see here, it’s all Faux News,’ and LIVs buy it.

Democrat media propagandists, Obama’s hand puppets, have all acted as if the corruption inherent in the Democrat Party doesn’t exist.  But suddenly, as Hillary Clinton is trying to get her campaign for president launched, Obama’s Justice Department released documents to Judicial Watch and the NY Times that is more damning than anything previously proven.  The evidence is so destructive that GOP pundits are all taken aback wondering if they are being set-up with phony proof to make Hillary come out the other side smelling like a rose.

Hillary Clinton foreign cash media coverage

If Hillary can blame all of this proof, that she has prospered by making deals with America’s enemies to American’s detriment, on “the vast rightwing conspiracy,” or pass it off on the usual “nothing to see here,” she will pull off the disinformation coup of the century against the LIVs (Low-information voters).  Many Obamabots already believe her when she says conservative candidates only talk about her and offer nothing of their own.  But, because they don’t listen to conservative’s policy proposals that barely give Hillary a dishonorable mention, they believe what they are told and we shouldn’t expect to hear what they actually say on MSNBC.  This information dump, however, goes far beyond what even the Clintons may be able to handle in over exposure.

Clintons took cash to help Putin control world uranium market

The question is; is Obama sabotaging Hillary’s campaign so the rich white people don’t gain control of the presidency again?  This information request was made four years ago and is only now being released?  It is well known Obama relates far more to Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts whose “you didn’t build that” slogan he borrowed.  Hillary’s scandals while at the State Department, from making deals with foreign leaders to wiping her federal emails from her private server, are generating a mountain of sh*t from which she must dig her way out.

Hillary’s scandal parade

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1 Response to Assassinating the Clintons, Obama releases damning evidence of corruption

  1. Caroline says:

    According to Mark Levin, there is a much bigger story the is not being mentioned. Russia could not have been given control over 20% of our uranium without the knowledge and consent of several of our heads of state departments and the president. So it is in Obama’s best interest to keep the heat on her.


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