The 13th Dimension of the Universe and God


In our physical universe, the one which we perceive through our five senses, we know there are four fundamental forces that interact in our universe.  They are known as; strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational.  But while three are comparable, gravity is dependent on mass and about one twelfth the force of the others at the nuclear level.  Why is that?

We perceive reality in four dimensions; three dimensional space plus the fourth dimension of time.  What about the other dimensions?  Are there more?  What is in them?  We can posit possible answers based on what we know exists, but that we cannot perceive.

Take light.  Do you think light dissipates out of existence the further it travels, or is it just that we are unable to perceive it?  Without telescopes we couldn’t see the outer planets of our solar system or galaxies.  With the technology of today we can see light that was generated by galaxies from fourteen billion years ago.  Just because twenty years ago we couldn’t see galaxies more than eight billion light years away did that mean that the light from galaxies further away dissipated?

Take time.  If we traveled through time without being restrained by gravity what would happen?  Do you think you’re sitting still in your chair?  Consider;

The Earth rotates at the equator at 1040 miles per hour.  It revolves around the Sun at 66,600 mph.  The Sun revolves around the Milky Way Galaxy at 558,000 mph.  The Milky Way revolves around its galactic cluster at 666,000 mph.  So when added together, we are actually hurtling through space at something on the order of over one million miles per hour.  (There is no telling how fast our cluster is moving through the universe but, considering the shift in light spectrum from distant galaxies, it could be phenomenal.)

Astronomical speeds

So, if you traveled through time without being attached to the Earth by gravity, a ten minute shift would leave you as far out in space as the Moon.  This is due to the fact that every celestial body in the universe is in motion.  But would God be constrained by time and space and gravity if He is Omnipresent?

What would be the Spiritual Dimension?  In what dimension might God reside?  Why would we think He could be constricted by the physical universe?  What about String Theory?  If Strings are the power of God shaping the universe that would explain why He is Omnipotent, which would kind of make it God Theory.

The question of Free Will comes up.  It is taught that God created Man to have a being who could choose to love or reject Him.  Why?  If you could, would you create someone who is forced to love you?  Is love worthwhile if it is forced or bought?

Love must be a choice and the recipient must be worthy.  But since God is Omniscient, doesn’t He already know what our choice will be?  If God does not exist in our sequential time, but in all of time, (which would explain how He is Omniscient) does His knowing what we will choose mean we are not free to make the choice?

Does science prove God?  Can science prove love beyond electro-chemical response?  What proves Free Will?  What proves intelligence?  What proves self-awareness?

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Scientists so far have proven that the universe began with the Big Bang, but not how the Big Bang began.  They know that carbon-based life came to be on Earth but don’t know quite how.  And they know that mankind has become more than all the animals of the Earth, but don’t know why.

My theory is simple and comes from the Bible which comes from knowledge beyond recorded history.  In Genesis it tells the whole story that explains what science cannot.  God created the universe, God created life, and God separated man from the animals.  It may be simplistic, but it still works.

Does anyone realize that, in whatever direction we look as far as we can see, we are still at the center of the known universe?  Does anyone consider that we are as infinitesimal to the cosmos as an atom is to us?  Do you ever think that, for all of mankind’s vast advances in knowledge and technology, we are still incredibly ignorant of our universe?

Does something not exist because you cannot perceive it?  Does disbelief prove it doesn’t exist?  Do you have a soul that will continue to exist after your physical body dies?  Will you remember how you spent your life and stand before God in Judgement?

This is something that should concern us all.  Whether you believe that God exists or not, whether you believe you will be judged for your actions in life in an Afterlife, that He may be there waiting for you at the end of your time on Earth in this corporeal body may give you pause before you do something everyone knows is evil.  In the end, the choices we make are what make us who we are, and that is all that will matter when we are judged, whether by history or by God.

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{Author’s note: I originally titled this “12th dimension” because I had read somewhere that the forces were equal, but gravity was one 11th the force of the other three.  I have since learned this is incorrect.  So I changed the title to make gravity a little less (setting it to one twelfth) so that I could put God into the “13th (spiritual) dimension” beyond gravity just for the fun of correlating the spiritual dimension with the numerology of Christianity – the Christ and twelve disciples.  I also had to make corrections to my speed calculations because I forgot to carry a zero.}

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