Liberals condemn black pastor for speaking out against Ferguson riots

black lives matter

Rioters in Ferguson spread their hate around the country lauding it as the new civil rights movement.  Protesting blacks endorse having neighborhoods controlled by black gangs rather than police to protect them from racism.  One righteous black pastor throws their reckless disregard of justice back in their faces.

Democrats are calling the riots over Ferguson today’s “civil rights movement.”  These liberals who believe that their rioting to destroy innocent business people, and senselessly assaulting innocent white people in the streets, are committing racist hate crimes in the name of justice.  Now, when a black pastor from Texas speaks out against their crimes, they are so incensed they are censoring him for his righteous condemnation.

Texas Pastor Voddie Baucham condemns rioters

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani told FOX News that police brutality is not the problem in black communities, but that black on black crime is with the murder rate being ten times more than other demographic groups.  Giuliani was immediately denounced as being racist for speaking the truth as leftists damned police shootings of criminals like Brown as murder.  This is typical of the Left’s lack of a moral compass that they cannot tell the difference between murder and killing in self-defense.

Black leaders agitating for the change they want demand that fewer white police be on the job and that fewer police be in black residential areas claiming that high crime is due to police presence.  Try asking the residents if they want white cops or black gangbangers patrolling their neighborhood to insure their safety.  What kind of person thinks criminals have any integrity, let alone be the kind of people to whom innocent citizens should entrust their safety?

When you have people like Congressman Rangel who says something so incredibly stupid as “The KKK were southern Democrats that we called ‘Dixiecrats,’ who then became Republicans, then became the TEA Party,” and people like Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee who thinks Americans landed on Mars, being elected by people who have even less capacity for intelligent thought, is it any wonder that this country is so messed up?  This is why the Founders didn’t make America a democratic country, but their descendants in their foolishness did.  This has been the problem with Democrats and universal suffrage since the beginning of the 20th century.

These people, who only vote to receive benefits from taxes that other people pay, have no right to vote on how other people should be taxed let alone on how other people should be judged.  They certainly have no right to demand their brand of “justice” which would be to have free reign over law-abiding citizens.  The insanity and evil of comparing these race riots to the civil rights movement of Martin Luther King, Jr. is a mockery and crime against humanity no different than the rise of the Nazis.

Obama and Holder continue to persecute Officer Wilson who has been forced to resign from the Ferguson PD.  What they owe him is restitution for destroying his career!  Meanwhile, football players and Democrat politicians are walking about with their hands up as if they are standing for freedom from oppression, when all they are doing is expressing their willful disregard of the truth by adhering to a lie.

To compound the issue further, Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam in the U.S. is calling for blacks to kill cops in order to bring white people to the table to talk about extending their rights.  On top of this, ISIS is recruiting rioters in the U.S. to join their cause as well.  None of this will lead to relieving non-existent oppression of good people, but will incite the most evil people in America to instigate a not very civil war.

The savages are loose in Ferguson

Jesus – rioters, a theology of rioting

I had a dream, but it became a nightmare – MLK 50th anniversary Dream speech

The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

Hug felt round the world

The hug felt around the world

Just as Golda Meier noted that;

“There will be peace in the Middle East when Arabs love their children more than they hate us”

There will be justice in America, not when police restrain from stopping black criminals, but when blacks love their children more than they hate whites.

What is your American Dream?

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