The politics of distraction to divert from Obama’s treachery

democrat KKK

Democrats distract from their betrayals with the most absurd lies such as declaring that “Dixiecrats became the TEA Party.”

With the exposure of ObamaCare, illegal alien amnesty, global warming, and other Democrat policies as nothing more than frauds by which to milk people for more taxpayer dollars, the Obama Regime is resorting to the old standby of distract and confuse to divert people’s attention to what matters.  In this case, Obama and the Democrats are betraying the nation’s intelligence agencies to distract the people and destroy America’s status and defensive abilities in one blow.

Obama and the Democrats are throwing the CIA to the wolves by releasing classified information.  According to them, none of the information the CIA obtained by “torturing” captured terrorists yielded any usable information, including that used to find and kill Usama bin Laden.  Apparently, it was Obama’s psychic magic he divined on the golf course that located the terrorist in the house where he lived.

In addition, Democrats propose inviting the families of dead criminals to be celebrated at Obama’s 6th SOTU.  Wanting to bring the families of Ferguson’s Michael Brown whose step-father urged rioters to burn the city down, and New York’s Garner who died while resisting his 31st arrest claiming he was choked to death, despite being able to hear him speaking throughout the arrest.  If they would just bring in Trayvon Martin’s parents then they could have a threesome of families of criminals who died in commission of their crimes and what an honor it would be to police departments and law abiding citizens across the country.

Liberals dogmas are just a one trick pony; Blame Bush for all the havoc their policies are wreaking on the country, while crying racism at any criticism of their king.  Generation Y is lost in the Democrat culture of criminals, corruption, confusion, and contempt.  When they hear a president say something like this;

“Racism is deeply rooted in America.” – Barack Hussein Obama, POTUS

they have no clue that what they are being told is a grotesque distortion.

Barack Obama on racism in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the ignorant who don’t watch FOX News are left in the dark about one of the ObamaCare architects admitting it was a tax scheme to defraud the people.  Instead, they are treated to a parody of transparency releasing intelligence secrets that put American patriots in danger.  To compound American ignorance, the president appeals to their lack of understanding about racism that leftists nod their head as if he is saying something intelligent.

The truth about racism is that it is inherent in every human being on the face of the planet.  It is NOT deeply rooted in America, but is rooted in the basic prejudices of all people, and in some it is so unreasonable that they become bigots.  If racism were deeply rooted in American culture then a black man could never have been elected president!  If opposition to Obama is racist, what is Democrat opposition to black Republicans like business genius Herman Cain, noble warrior Col. Allen West, and renowned healer Dr. Ben Carson?

All people are prejudiced.  Show me a person who says they are not and I’ll show you a liar.  But not all people let their prejudice become bigotry.  If you don’t know the difference then you should try learning the English language and not speak as an ignorant lout.

Everyone prejudges others based on their experience, but only bigots adhere to their prejudicial opinion even when proven wrong.  It’s equivalent to saying all blacks are criminals just because they make up the largest percentage of criminals.  It’s also equivalent to believing that someone saying most criminals are black is a racist statement.  Facts know no bigotry, but while figures don’t lie, liars figure, and those who would deny the truth of facts like this are the morally dysfunctional.

Obama’s interference in insignificant police actions, his instructing police to allow rioters to run rampant, his lies that he traditionally says nothing about these events, contrary to the many times he has done just that exposing his own racist prejudice, are all part and parcel with advancing the Democrat agenda of tearing America apart.  America was founded on the principle of uniting people to be Americans, while the Left is intent on dividing the people so they can gain more power.  What the Democrats accuse Republicans of wanting is what they are themselves doing.

Then they hear Hillary Clinton say;

“We must empathize with our enemies.”

What insanity is this?  We must empathize with Islamic Jihadi terrorists?  Does she understand what the word means?  We have no reason to ever empathize with these murderous savages.  We need only understand that they are evil and must be destroyed.  Do Democrats ever “empathize” with conservatives?

“We’re way out of phase on all of this, folks.  We are just totally out of phase.  We are almost to the point now where the Sharptons and Jacksons may as well say, ‘crime is legal as a form of getting even for what happened at the Founding.’” – Rush Limbaugh, America’s Truth detector and doctor of Democracy

Today’s youth, Generation “Y can’t we figure this out,” is lost in the world of the Big Lie created by Adolf Hitler.  What they see are two political parties at odds, each condemning the other as being unrighteous, unchristian, and unhuman.  What they lack is the knowledge and the moral compass that comes with proper education and experience to recognize the lies for what they are and determine the truth by virtue of knowledge and sound moral judgment.

In a world of misinformation, how do we help them recognize the truth and alleviate their profound ignorance in making decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives?  Good Americans are being charged with racism by the very people who are the racists, bigots, and self-righteous hypocrites of society.  Young people are wont to trust others until they are revealed to be liars, but most liars always have more lies to cover for themselves, and they are not found out until the damage is done.

Democrats are releasing secrets of America’s Intelligence operations in an act of betrayal for revenge against Americans voting them out of office.  This is what you get when you elect radical liberals to power.  The damage being done to the American economy, diplomacy, and the military by the Obama Regime may well lead to America’s destruction – just as Obama said he hoped it would so he can transform the nation into his bigoted, hateful, deceiving image.

Democrats say they want cameras on police?  How about cameras on politicians?  They say “torture” doesn’t work?  Tell that to the 90% of the audience that approves when Jack Bauer does it.  Waterboarding these traitors in Washington would certainly get the truth out of them.

Vice President Biden said,

“We made a mistake.  We made a big mistake.”

Americans certainly did make a big mistake – by voting for Democrats.

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