Democrat trifecta of frauds – ObamaCare, amnesty, and climate change

Democrat trifecta

Obamabots believe whatever their messiah tells them to believe.  Their misguided faith in a man who says he wants to make America great, while at the same time enacting policies that empower her enemies, are being duped into voting for their own ruin.

These are the three new frauds to increase tax income for Democrats by duping the people who vote for them.  Democrats need more money because Republicans over the last thirty years have put a damper on their squandering the people’s money.  But now, with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi approving trillion dollar deficits for the past several years, Democrats want even more than their old stand-byes – Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare produce.

Ever since gaining Supermajority power in 1912 and establishing the Federal Reserve, Democrats have sought every means by which to convince people to allow them to tax more and more from the people.  At first it was tax the rich, but when they did that the economy quickly tanked as the rich stopped investing.  In the thirties Democrats created the New Deal, Social Security, and government jobs, and in the sixties it was Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare.

Each of these entitlements meant to provide benefits for people have been tax boons to Democrats who siphon off half of the money that comes into those programs.  For every dollar allocated to welfare, government gets 84 cents.  In 1968 they stole the entire Social Security fund’s $4 billion, and now they steal it by borrowing from the Fed and foreign countries putting America’s grandchildren into debt.  The trillion dollars Obama has put into the pockets of his friends on Wall Street the past six years have shrunk the middle class.

These new entitlements are designed around their own mythologies.  ObamaCare was to insure the 46 million uninsured and reduce insurance rates, but has instead pushed ten million out of their insurance and forced them into ObamaCare, raised insurance rates, and threatens to push another hundred million out of their coverage when the delayed employer mandate kicks in in 2016.  Climate change proponents purpose to save the Earth from mankind’s CO2 emissions that are supposedly forming a greenhouse bubble around the planet, but no scientist can prove that a heavier than air gas rises above the stratosphere.

And amnesty for illegal immigrants displaces jobs for Americans desperate for work into the hands of foreigners who shouldn’t be here, and leads to the future proposal that they enjoy all the benefits of being citizens, including collecting welfare, Social Security for which they did not pay taxes, and the right to vote.  Rather than commit their ideology when Democrats controlled Congress, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi abstained, and when Republicans took control of the House, tried to strong arm them to agree to Democrat terms from the Senate.  Now that Republicans will control both houses, he forces his own version down everyone’s throats rather than work with their ideas, which is not what how the people voted.

While goofy youngsters chant, “Republicans make the rich richer and the poor poorer,” Obama and the Democrats are actually accomplishing exactly that then laughing at the dupes who vote for them.  They applaud the IRS stealing from taxpayers, Mexican drug dealers profiting and being armed, and Islamic Jihadis looting, raping, and murdering their way across the Middle East.  Is it any wonder that the young are losing hope of living the American Dream when they are lobbying and voting against it?  Liberal fools believe that Republicans are the ones who are brainwashed, while they act like brain dead Obamabots and believe whatever comes out of their messiah’s mouth.

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