Giving foreigners the right to vote in American elections

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Obama is making illegals welcome by forcing federal border agents to bring them into the country rather than turn them away.  As president, he acts to bring in as many illegal immigrant foreigners as possible in order to fill the ranks of Democrat voters.

Greedy foreigners, American haters, are being given the right to vote by Barack Obama.  Democrats want to admit millions of illegal immigrants into their fold by opening the border and giving amnesty to people looking for government handouts paid for by taxpayers.  Citizens of the United States are being sh*t upon by America’s first black president for the crime of being prosperous white people as he gives credit to Moslems and Mexicans for molding the fabric of the great nation of America that they hate.

Liberals don’t understand that this is going to enable the government to steal more from taxpayers in the name of their war on poverty.  Under Obama there are twice as many people on welfare and food stamps, and there are more unemployed Americans than at any time in our history.  Democrats need these greedy illegals to fill their ranks as blacks realize he is offering them nothing but continued poverty as his voter slaves.

Leftists have no love for this great nation, even those who have become rich and famous, and no understanding of the good that America has brought to the world.  Liberal actor Richard Dreyfuss challenged Dinesh D’Souza that his movie, “America: Imagine a World without Her,” did not fulfil the promise of its title and show how the world would be if America never existed.  Dreyfuss’ lack of understanding is more due to the liberal’s inability to accept the truth than for lack of explanation.

America is the exception to the natural condition of world governments wherein the government rules the people who have little to no say in how those in government operate.  These governments use their power over the people to acquire the wealth of the nation and make the people subjects to their will.  Were it not for America the world would be divided and ruled Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.  As Rush Limbaugh has said many times about those countries, people are forbidden from doing anything unless their government says it is legal, while in America people are free to do what they want unless it is declared illegal.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Obama’s Democrat policies have sucked more wealth out of the nation than can be recovered in the next generation.  They have made prospering illegal and stealing from the taxpayer legal.  Their economic policy has put America into a permanent state of recession, and their military policy has made America weaker than it has been in a lifetime, while their foreign policy has made America’s enemies, the enemies of freedom, stronger and bolder.

Barry Sotero declares that foreigners who come here illegally are the hope for the future of America rather than American children born to citizens.  Unhappy blacks who are abandoning their messiah are to be replaced by these foreigners whom The Annointed One will grant citizenship by imperial fiat.  Unless states reject his artificial electorate by refusing to allow these undocumented Democrat invaders to vote, America may be facing its final days as the last great hope for freedom.  These people are all used to living under socialist dictatorships.

Democratic_Socialists_Occupy_Wall_Street_2011 - David Shankbone

The Democrat Party has become the home of communists, Nazis, fascists, Islamists, and every socialist ideologue.  As they lose blacks as welfare voter slaves they work to make the invasion of illegal immigrants easier so Obama can give them the rights of citizens to decide American elections through amnesty.

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