You have only one choice in life – to help people or to hurt people


Do you listen to the angel on your right shoulder or the demon on your left?  Do you recognize a liar when his actions are a betrayal of his words?  Good people can be deceived and this is how evil leads us astray.

We have many choices in life, but when you boil them all down to their bare essence there is only one choice you make in life that really matters – will you choose to help people or to hurt them?  People of the Left would have others believe that there are two paths to do good and two to do bad, but the simple truth is there is only one.  Just as two wrongs don’t make a right, two rights can’t make a wrong, and in the final analysis in examining opposing ideologies only one is beneficial while the other is detrimental.

Soldiers can be oppressors who enslave people or saviors who ensure their liberty.  Police can be protectors of citizens or as corrupt as criminals.  Which they are depends on their leaders and whether they have the people’s best interests at heart or if they believe the people are theirs to be ruled.  Those with power can choose to be benefactors who make the world a better, safer place for the people to conduct their business.  Or they can be malicious seeking to benefit themselves at the expense of the people having a “hurray for me and f*ck everybody else” attitude.

What makes life so hard is that those who would do evil do so through deception leaving those who value justice confused.  Where people of the Right in a just nation like America praise soldiers and police who kill to protect the innocent from the malicious, people of the Left will condemn them as killers no different than the murderers they kill.  They will hold candlelight vigils for convicted murderers on death row and praise women as having the right to kill their babies in the womb.

Everyone understands good and bad, but right and wrong are learned through life.  Children are not born with morals, but must be taught to share, not to hit, and to cooperate with others rather than take from them.  Those who do not learn morals grow into adulthood to become liars, thieves, and sometimes rapists and murderers.

“Thus, the ultimate choice for a man, inasmuch as he is driven to transcend himself, is to create or to destroy, to love or to hate.” – Erich Fromm

These words clearly represent exactly what I am saying, but even though Mr. Fromm understood right and wrong, he still chose a political ideology that has done nothing but evil.  Throughout history, especially in the 20th century, socialism has been a force for totalitarian oppression.  Democracy has never been better as it permits the worst in people to become dominant as they vote for their own self-interests against the interests of all others.

In theory, people of good morals would vote for the benefit of all, but that Utopia can never be because everyone is not raised with good morals as is plainly demonstrated in America today.  With Democrats enacting policies in the last eight years that have hurt the majority of Americans while benefiting few, during this past campaign season they were heard condemning their own policies in an attempt to deceive the public into re-electing them.  The deceptions of the Democrats in blaming Republicans for all the ills of the nation have cut a wide swath of distrust through politics in America.

While you can expose lies and share the truth, that doesn’t mean that listeners will accept the facts and believe.  Leftists will adhere to a lie despite having the truth revealed.  The saying: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink is just a way of saying that: You can tell a liberal the truth but you can’t make him think.

To understand the Left one need only understand the difference between a 19th century liberal and a 21st century social liberal.  There is nothing new here as even Jesus warned his followers two thousand years ago to beware of people who are wolves disguised as sheep.  You will know them by their fruits, He said, and Barack Obama and the Democrats have borne the fruits Americans are living today.

Obama is seen as a “nice guy,” but he chooses to help those who choose to hurt others.  Choosing to help certain people to hurt other people is not choosing what is right.  Protecting people from those who would hurt them is something else entirely.  The racist bigotry of the Left against white people believing them to be the source of evil on the planet is as misguided and dysfunctional as the angels who followed Lucifer out of Heaven.

Understanding yourself and others, to recognize if you are on the side of right and able to recognize those who are false, this is the ultimate search for the soul of man and will decide your fate in life.  We all choose, for whatever reason, whether we will serve others or ourselves.  We all choose, for whatever reason, whether we will follow the truth or deny it.  We all choose, and that is what defines us.

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