Being Christian in the crosshairs of liberal pseudo-science

Climate truth or lie - Bennett

Global warming advocates say Christians believe the lie of religion over the truth of science.  Al Gore’s “truth” predicted that the North Pole ice would be completely melted by 2013.

Christians find themselves in the crosshairs of liberals both politically and scientifically.  A favorite liberal excuse to justify bad science is one of their favorite mantras; people who are Christians are primitives who have closed their minds to science.  They point to the Inquisition of the Middle Ages and the Age of Reason and Enlightenment as their proof.  Being Christian has nothing to do with science, but everything to do with morality, which is why many can see that scientists who say they can predict the future is a lie.  As in all things, when the Left’s bluff is called, and they cannot win on the basis of either the facts or the truth, they resort to attacking the character of those who expose their lies as if character assassination can make the truth a lie and a lie the truth.

Being Christian no more makes one a primitive who cannot understand science than being a scientist makes one an honest and honorable atheist.  “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure,” is the perfect axiom with which to tag global warming scientists who, rather than examine the facts and reach a conclusion, have an agenda and find the facts to match the conclusion.  The simple fact is that the only proof that there are “greenhouse gases” is based on computer models, models that they programmed without being able to conduct any actual experiment to prove their theories.

It stands to reason that, when each time these “scientists” are proven to be spreading fraudulent information, they then take a new tack to promote their agenda, and at some point people are going to realize they are being duped.  The only people who stand to benefit from their Chicken Little routine are those who engage in government cronyism giving taxpayer money to their friends on false pretenses.  Even as Al Gore’s “climate hockey stick” is proven a fraud, these Leftists redouble their efforts to generate support by fooling people anew.

“Being a Christian no more makes one scientifically ignorant than being a scientist makes one honest.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

An honest Christian can admit that there is no scientific proof of God, but that belief in Him is based on faith, and that the Bible is filled with inconsistencies.  I believe that out intellect is more than just the simple illusion of an electro-biochemical stimulus.  I believe that there is a spiritual dimension that is beyond the detection of our physical senses, and that we are spiritual beings trapped in our physical forms while we experience this mortal life.  Does this mean I cannot understand science?

These leftist scientists say my faith closes my mind to their superior intellect, and I should believe what they say over the science I know because I believe in fairy tales.  If I am wrong about the existence of God, then what does it hurt to believe in the philosophy of God vs Satan and having faith to pursue what is righteous over what is selfish?  Is it better to live a life of faith and love believing in God or to live the life of an animal believing only in my five senses?

Quantum physics and quantum mechanics cannot explain life or the creation and development of organic molecules and organisms.  Only theories that have more in common with religion for their lack of facts can explain life scientifically.  Liberals believing that the Theory of Evolution disproves God are about as scientific as any heathen tree worshipper.  And scientists who say they can predict the future based on computer programs they designed with their theories are kneeling at the base of the trees right beside them.

“The Theory of Evolution does not disprove God.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

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