ObamaCare frauds starring Obama, Kerry, Pelosi; a comedy of lying fools

jonathan_gruber_ObamaCare architect

Obama, Pelosi, and Kerry all deny knowing ObamaCare architect Gruber, but videos of them praising him four years ago tell the truth.  Gruber is so contemptuous of voters that he repeatedly and blatantly reveals that they deceived people in order to pass the bill.  He even wrote a comic book for idiots about ObamaCare.

Leave it to FOX News to uncover the truth because no one else in television journalistic media will do so.  This last week saw a number of videos by one of ObamaCare’s chief architects, Jonathan Gruber, talking to groups explaining how the language of the bill was done is such a way as to deceive people so they would vote for it.  The basic tenets on which Obama sold the Affordable Care Act have all been proven false;

  • If you like plan, you can keep your plan.
  • If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
  • Under ObamaCare insurance rates will go down.

Thousands of people have been kicked off their plans, forced to change doctors, and insurance rates have skyrocketed!  In another two years, the ObamaCare employer mandate that Obama illegally delayed, will come into effect and then another hundred million people will lose their insurance and be forced into ObamaCare.  The CBO has established that now, after the beginning years when the ObamaCare tax was in effect but no benefits paid out, that ObamaCare is not “revenue neutral” as Obama claimed, but will cost over $1 trillion.

Democrats, from Obama to Secretary of State Kerry to former speaker and now House Minority Leader Pelosi, have all said in the last week that they never heard of Gruber and denied he was one of the ObamaCare architects.  In their rush to the microphones to deny him they all forgot that they praised him four years ago when the bill was being introduced.  This comedy of lies exposed by FOX News is nothing new to conservatives, but it is certainly a slap in the face to independents who support Obama.

Pelosi denies knowing Gruber

Gruber: lack of transparency a political advantage

Kerry hails Gruber as ‘our guide’

Obama lies about knowing Gruber

People’s opinion of the president and Congress are at all times lows.  Comparing the approval rating for the president against Congress is bogus because neither side’s constituents are happy with their actions.  Conservatives are not happy because Republicans have done next to nothing to stop the Democrat agenda that is transforming America into a socialist dictatorship.  Liberals are not happy because Democrats have not made Obama king and established that socialist dictatorship.

If either the Republicans or Democrats would stand up and do what their voters wanted then their approval rating would go way up.  With current Republican leadership being composed of moderates, and Democrats all shying away from association with their own policies that the people are realizing are doing great economic damage, neither side may do much of anything for the next two years.  Obama may continue to act as a dictator and give illegal immigrants amnesty and do much more unless Republicans are willing to stand up and fight like Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul.

America can only hope that the next Republican nominee for president will be a solid conservative with solid conservative backing from Congress.  Romney, a staunch conservative, was deserted because he was painted as being too willing to negotiate with Democrats, but mostly because Boehner and McConnell acted to squash conservatives at the GOP Convention.  America needs good conservative leaders in Congress and a stout conservative executive like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, or Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.  Christie, Jeb Bush, and Romney have all fallen by the wayside with moderates who are no more than liberals-lite.

Americans are too stupid to understand the ObamaCare tax says ACA architect

Hallelujah!  Black America is listening, learning, and speaking the truth

Top 10 Democrat frauds by your friendly neighborhood Democrat charlatan

Hanging Obama for the crime of treason

What is clear from Gruber’s statements and the Democrat’s denials is that they did not perpetrate this deception because people are too stupid to understand what’s good for them.  They did it because people are not stupid enough to believe the actual effects of ObamaCare and the tax are good for them.  They are laughing that people were stupid enough to trust them and believe what they said.

In conducting damage control, Obama challenged the press to go back and review the process of developing ObamaCare and see how transparent it was.  At the time, Republicans were condemning the bill because they were shut out of the process entirely and no one in the press was allowed to review it.  Former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi infamously said,

“We have to pass the bill before you can find out what is in it.”

Bret Baier uncovers most of the facts about Gruber working with Obama

Rush Limbaugh explains everything Democrats do to rip off the taxpayer

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