Obama enacts instant unemployment back to 2009 level over 10%


Those who entered American’s home illegally have been given the right to stay by the imperial act of a lawless president.  Obama’s pathway to amnesty and millions of new Democrat voters voting for benefits for themselves is open.  GOP leaders Boehner and McConnell stand impotently aside.

On Thursday, Nov. 20th, unemployment (if you don’t count the ten million who have given up looking for a job after four years unemployed) was below 6%.  In an act of singular power unknown in American history, Barack Obama added five million illegal aliens to the U.S. workforce negating all employment gains for the last five years.  If you still count the ten million lost, then unemployment is over 15%.

The State Departments creative unemployment calculations notwithstanding, Americans who just elected Republicans to stop Obama from furthering the Democrat agenda have just been mooned.  In response to Obama’s violation of his Oath of Office, contempt for the Constitution, disregard of the welfare of the American people, and dictatorial seizure of absolute power, Republicans propose to have strong words for him.  Coating his disdain of Americans in honey-coated words of caring, Obama has made the taxpayer a second class citizen.

Obama’s promises that the illegals he has given his personal permission to remain and work in America, even receiving Social Security cards, will not be given citizen’s benefits rings hollow in the ears of intelligent Americans.  With Social Security cards and requirement to pay taxes, illegals will have their gateway to receive entitlements legally.  Regardless of any promise made by the man who has not only violated his oath, but broken his word on countless occasions, Republicans know that these antics are only the tip of the iceberg.

If the GOP leadership of Boehner and McConnell will not hold Obama to account for his lawless seizure of imperial power, then America is in deep doo-doo.  These infantile and ineffective leaders who, like Obama, are more intent on protecting their own power than in advancing the cause of the people who voted for them must likewise be dethroned.  Between Obama’s imperial presidency allowing illegal aliens residency, giving the UN sovereignty over America’s 2nd Amendment, and the GOP’s impotent whining, America is currently leaderless and her enemies are being given the keys to the kingdom.

Charles Krauthammer rightly names Obama’s motives, then backs off

Where Charles Krauthammer nailed Obama’s character and motives, he inexplicably backs off when challenged by O’Reilly.  This is the same primal fear by which the GOP leadership is acting because of Obama’s race and for no intelligent or moral reason.  Obama acts with malice and most Americans quake at the idea of pointing it out and being the target of the Left’s character assassination squads.  America desperately needs a leader with balls and a backbone like Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz, and other conservatives who are not intimidated by the immoral, anti-American anti-Christians who are taking power in this country.

Obama invoking scripture is a joke.  Nowhere does Jesus say to make an intruder in your home welcome.  Nowhere does He say to allow poor people into your territory to be your slaves.  If they cannot admit that they are facing a malicious dictator, they will provide no protection for the people.


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