Top 10 Democrat frauds by your friendly neighborhood Democrat charlatan

You can fool some of the people all of the time

The greatest five presidents in American history were all Republicans.

This statement by Abraham Lincoln is the defining characteristic of radical leftwing ideologues.  Regardless of the facts they adhere to Democrat mantras as religious dogma that must be believed by faith alone.  Here are the top ten frauds that Democrats created and promote in their campaigns to convince the ignorant to vote for them:

  • Global Warming – fossil fuels must be eliminated to save the planet from CO2 emissions that are causing global warming. The fallacy is that CO2 is a heavier than air gas that could not possibly rise above the stratosphere to form a greenhouse bubble around the Earth.  Believers keep changing the name and changing their minds of what is causing global warming, always whatever is producing power in America and not in other countries.  The environmental movement has become the new home of the communist party that want to bring down America and they do it through the fraud that man is destroying the planet.
  • TEA Party is the KKK – Democrats say the TEA Party is composed of the old racist Dixiecrats who became Republican and then formed the TEA Party to oppose a black president. The fallacy is that conservative blacks are among the leaders of the TEA Party and many have been elected to Congress, even from southern states.  The TEA Party has always been about people protesting massive government spending and taxation.  That the Left promotes racism is more of a mental illness than an actuality.
  • War on Women – Republicans started a War on Women by to take birth control away from them. The fallacy is that George Stephanopoulos created this entire fraud by posing the question of taking away birth control to Mitt Romney in a debate, to which Romney answered of course not, but Democrats made that into a cover up of a truth that didn’t exist.  No Republican has ever said anything about taking away birth control, yet the belief exists made up as it was out of thin air.
  • Republicans for the 1% – Republicans only help the richest 1%. The fallacy is that, if this were true, Teddy Roosevelt would not have broken monopolies, Abraham Lincoln would not have fought a war to free the slaves, and John Kennedy would never have lowered the exorbitant tax rates.  Republicans are for business success, which is why Romney was an investment broker, and businesses mean jobs.  Without profits and investments businesses do not grow and create more jobs.  Government is 100% taxpayer funded, and all government jobs are created only taking money away from businesses, essentially costing two jobs to create one or pay unemployment benefits.
  • Democrats are for the poor – Democrats are for the little guy always helping the poor and oppressed. Since Democrats became “champions of the African-American” black culture has deteriorated severely.  Black unemployment is twice any other group, along with school drop outs, violent crime, drug abuse, out of wedlock births, and abortions.  Since the Democrats began helping blacks they have deteriorated from where they began with Democrat blacks prospering only if they promote the party line of racism and oppression.  Meanwhile, conservative blacks in the Republican Party have always prospered by their own efforts.  How many years has it taken before people finally begin to realize they are living in the Democrat economy?
  • Gay marriage – everyone should be allowed to marry the person they love. The fallacy is that marriage is not about hooking up with the person you love, but starting a family.  After gay activists got all the rights they sought equal to those of married couples, they persisted in demanding more.  What this boiled down to is an attack on the Christian church for not accepting homosexuality as normal.  If they accepted that, then they must accept adultery, polygamy, and bestiality as well.  After all, in all of those no one is really getting hurt, and they’re all about loving the one you’re with.  Activists are bringing lawsuits against businesses and churches that will not bow to their demands.
  • Abortion – woman have a right to control their own bodies. The fallacy here is that the baby growing in a woman’s womb is another person who has rights.  Infant sacrifice is favored by the church of Satan, but it’s also desired by the church of infant stem cells of Planned Parenthood.  More than anything else, abortion is self-regulating population control for blacks and minorities to keep them from outbreeding Americans who are restricting their family sizes for economic reasons.  Despite this there are still poor people who are breeding for the child support checks they get from the government, which are provided by other people’s taxes.
  • Gun Control – if fewer people had guns then there wouldn’t be so much gun crime or mass shootings. The fallacy is that disarming the citizens does not mean disarming criminals.  It leaves guns only in the hands of criminals and corrupt government which would only enable them to establish a tyranny.  Even if criminals didn’t have guns, they would use some other weapon to commit crimes.
  • Taxes and debt – tax breaks for the rich only take away income from government. The fallacy is that people and businesses do not work for the government, the government works for them.  Government is an expense to businesses to which taxes are given to centralize protection and infrastructure for all businesses, NOT vice versa.  Businesses existed before the government.  Only in totalitarian nations where people must have permission from government in order to operate is it the way that Democrats want it to be.
  • Crony capitalism/socialism – government subsidizes, grants tax breaks, and regulates business for the benefit of all. The fallacy is that government gives those subsidies and makes those tax loopholes for their friends and not for everybody.  Their regulations are always to restrict those businesses that compete with their friends who are losing in open competition.  This is the kind of corrupt business practices that destroy entrepreneurial spirit and crush business growth.

Bonus fraud – ObamaCare: supposedly to provide health insurance for the uninsured, said will be revenue neutral, lower rates, and have no restrictions.  Instead, rates have skyrocketed, millions have been booted off their insurance and lost their doctors, and tens of millions will do so when the employer mandate that was delayed till 2016 goes into effect.  In addition, the same number of people is still uninsured.

The greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people is Barack Obama being qualified to be president.  A man on no accomplishment, no business experience, and no leadership skills, a junior senator with just two years in D.C. under his belt was awarded the presidency because he spoke well.  Bernie Madoff is jealous of Obama’s skill at deceit.

It is of utmost importance that people understand the kind of person Obama is if they are to see through his façade.  Bill O’Reilly thinks Obama is a good-hearted person because he says he cares about people.  He, like millions, has been fooled by Obama’s soft spoken approach.

People must understand that Adolf Hitler did not get elected because he stood on a podium and screamed hate at Jews, but because he spoke in glowing terms of Germany and her destiny.  It was only after he cemented his position and power that he pulled back the curtain.  The curtain was pulled back on Obama before the election in 2008, but people still voted for a man who said he would bankrupt the coal industry and cause electricity rates to skyrocket.  He’s done it to them, he’s done it to oil, he’s done it to health care, and it has taken till now before Americans begin to open their eyes and not only listen to what he says, but watch what he does.

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