Democrats are too stupid to figure out they’re stupid

Sales pitch

ObamaCare, immigration reform, global warming; these three Democrat agendas have been proven to be nothing more than Democrat drives to steal more in taxes by duping people into supporting them.  Dysfunctional liberal thinking leads them to believe Obama is honest despite all evidence proving he’s a pathological liar fooling Obamabots into giving him their money.

Liberal Democrats think that Gruber’s revealing that Obama duped stupid voters means that they proved conservatives are the dumb ones.  To clarify, Obama did not fool conservatives who have been warning that ObamaCare was a fraud from the start.  The people he fooled were those who voted for him.  Once again this is another glaring example of dysfunctional liberal thinking that categorizes them as Obamabots.

Democrats who cannot comprehend that they are dupes may be suffering from being mildly psychotic.  There is such a thing as functional psychotics, people who live and work in society but have psychological dysfunction in relating to the real world.  They can stare the truth in the face, have it screamed into their ears, be bashed in the head so hard it knocks them on their ass, and they will still rise up and deny it exists.  This is what conservatives are dealing with in the Obama-Grubergate affair.

Obama came out and denied ever knowing or working with Gruber last week, yet Gruber is seen recounting his working with Obama in videos over the last three years.  What’s more psychotic is believing Obama’s denial even after being shown videos of Obama speaking about working with Gruber beginning in 2006, bringing him to twenty meetings in the White House, plus Obama and other Democrats singing his praises for his work on ObamaCare.  Poll shows that fully one-third of people believe Obama earning them the title of dysfunctional, low-information voter Obamabots.

Three things are proven from this incident;

  1. Obama is a pathological liar who prides himself on his ability to dupe people and convince them to give him their money just like Bernie Madoff.
  2. Democrats always engage in deception to promote their policies because if people knew the truth they would reject them utterly.
  3. Everything Democrats say about Republicans is actually true of themselves that they project onto their opponents to commit character assassination.

If you believe Obama is honest, if you believe any Democrat policy is to help people and not just suck taxes out of them, then you should have yourself tested.

Gruber: ObamaCare’s objective is to end employer provided health insurance

For those who believe single-payer insurance provided by the government as a monopoly should examine Social Security and Medicare, both of which are taxes on people that return far less than they take in, and both of which have been raided by Democrats to use the money for themselves.

When disaster strikes thank the liberals for destroying America

ObamaCare frauds starring – Obama, Kerry, Pelosi; a comedy of fools

Hanging Obama for the crime of treason

One-third of us believe Gruber is right about the opposite one-third of stupid Americans

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