Americans are in danger from homegrown Islamists in America

Brendan Tevlin - Facebook

All American teenager, Brendan Tevlin, was gunned down while sitting in his car by Ali Muhammad Brown.  Tevlin was the fourth American murdered by the Islam convert in revenge for America bombing Islamic State Jihadis.  This is just one of hundreds of murders being committed in the USA by Islamists that the government is keeping quiet.

Jihadi attacks, honor killings, Mohammad’s revenge, those who speak against Islam, those who convert from Islam, and anyone who is an American is in danger from Islamists already living in the USA.  If anyone believes it’s not already happening in America then they have been living in denial their entire lives.  There have been hundreds of murders that the government is keeping quiet, and when they can’t keep it quiet, like the Ft. Hood massacre, Obama and the Democrats call it anything but Jihad.

Americans are being attacked, assaulted, and victimized by two groups in the country that are allying together.  Moslems are attracting young black males, especially the most violent criminals, to their religion of violence and revenge, and they are waging Jihad against Americans.  White people are being attacked by gangs of blacks as vengeance for the deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, both budding, young, violent criminals who were shot dead while assaulting a policeman and a citizen respectively.

Moslems who immigrated to America from the Middle East bring with them their religious culture of killing innocent people for being associated in any way with someone with whom they have declared Jihad.  Islam has been at war with the world since Mohammad first led his Muslim band against Mecca, and then spread their religion through conquest by fanatic armies and oppressing populations across North Africa and the Middle East.  They have been quiet for four centuries when European military technology made their fanaticism suicidal, but now they are re-emerging through infiltration of foreign societies and the wealth from trade for fossil fuels with the West.

While Jihadi massacres like Ft. Hood cannot be kept quiet, murders like those committed by the D.C. snipers and people like Ali Muhammad Brown who converted to Islam and murdered four random Americans for Islam.  When the U.S. began bombing the Islamic State Jihadis, he began murdering Americans, ambushing innocent people, in an act of revenge.  Islamists living in America have been largely kept in check by the FBI, but more and more have been slipping by under Obama’s pro-Islam administration like the Boston Marathon bombers.  Labelling Jihadi murders “workplace violence” and putting honor killings in the same category as domestic violence, Obama has white-washed the evil of the followers of Mohammad.

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