A shining example of liberalism’s fecal brain matter – a lesson for the young

Watter's World - FOX News

Jesse Watters interviews college students only to discover that two-thirds of them are grossly ignorant of their country’s history and government.  America can thank leftist professors like Ward Churchill for instilling their ideology of ignorance in our young.

Ward Churchill, a disgraced college professor who advocates that Americans deserved 9-11, is a shining example of the America Left and liberalism.  The ideology of the Left consists of those who remain ignorant, allowing them to be easily led by deceivers that include people like Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama.  The “blame America first” crowd can come up with such convoluted facts as to give credit for; liberating Europe in WWII, world wealth creation, and advancing the cause of freedom in the world, to countries like the Soviet Union and Red China and NOT the United States of America.

Anyone who knows anything of history knows that these beliefs require the absence of both knowledge and intelligence in order to arrive at their erroneous conclusions.  In other words, this is proof of Winston Churchill’s quote that the only qualification for being over thirty and a liberal, like Ward Churchill who, unfortunately, bears his surname, that the hallmark of liberals is having sh*t for brains and a complete lack of a moral compass.

Liberating Europe from the Nazis in WWII:

Liberals give credit to the Soviet Union, rather than the United States, for liberating Europe from the Nazis.  There are numerous errors in this belief;

At the beginning of WWII the Soviet Union was allied with the Nazis.  While Germany was taking over Austria, Alsace-Lorraine, and Czechoslovakia, Russia took Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.  When Germany invaded Poland the Russians invaded from the other side.  When the Nazis moved in to Norway, Russia invaded Finland to get their butts stomped until they overwhelmed Finnish defenses.

Although the Allies could not have invaded Fortress Europe had three-fourths of the German army not been engaged in the invasion of Russia, the Soviet Union could not have fought the Germans without the vast material assistance of the USA.  Of the three allied leaders, the Soviet Union provided the most manpower, but they died at six to one against the Germans.  The USA supplied the vast amount of war materials to defeat both Germany and Japan, while Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom was the driving force providing the great leadership that bound them together.

After the war, the United States spent billions rebuilding Europe, while the Soviet Union invaded and enslaved Eastern Europe for the next four decades.  Giving credit to the Soviets for the liberation of Europe is an exercise in thanking the Devil for pulling his minions off of you.

Generating wealth in the world:

Liberals like Ward Churchill believe that America has stolen the wealth of the world to enrich itself and leave them to die in poverty.  Can anyone name a country that has been conducting trade with the USA to which this has happened?  The answer is no because Americans are not thieves, nor are they conquerors or colonizers.

Every country that has conducted trade for resources or manufacturing with the United States has profited and grown in wealth.  Some of them may be countries whose governments are more dictatorial than we would like, like Saudi Arabia whose princes have billions while the people have little.  But it is not up to America to force other nations to behave as America does.

Even so, liberals believe people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Sam Walton steal billions from consumers who work at theirs or similar companies making enough money so that the middle class lives like kings in third world countries.  The fact is the people of the United States live so well that the rest of the world is climbing over in each other to come here.  And doing trade with the U.S. is so profitable that even countries with whom we were at war, like Vietnam, seeks trade opportunities with us and they profit very well.

Advancing the cause of freedom in the world:

Liberals say those in the WTC Towers deserved to die in the terror attack on 9-11.  They believe that the ultra-rich enslave the world and abuse those who struggle to make a living day to day.  The fact is, millionaires and billionaires come and go.  Those born into wealth often lose it because they do not have the drive and talents of their parents.

The sorry part about liberals is that they have no understanding of how wealth is created, nor any moral restraint about stealing rather than working for it.  They also have no understanding of how capitalism and the free markets have made the world a wealthier, healthier, and less violent place.  They believe socialism, which accounted for more people killed in the 20th century than in all of history, is the most vile and destructive form of government next to despotism.

Liberals do not understand how Democrats conduct crony capitalism, the form of socialism whereby government strong arms those who produce wealth by confiscating most of it in taxes.  They then dole out a portion of that wealth to low-information voters to keep them in power.  If liberals understood that stealing wealth from entrepreneurs is how jobs are destroyed, perhaps most of them wouldn’t be feeding at the public trough rather than working.


American schools for the past fifty years have allowed socialists to gain access to our young to corrupt them by teaching them all the wrong things about history and society.  Youngsters are growing up being taught that socialism is good and capitalism is bad, and being lied to about how each operates.  America is producing a generation of ignorant, immoral youths with no more understanding of how to run a business than a child understands of how to run a lemonade stand.

In addition, they are being turned away from Christian morality and urged to take up atheist morality, which is just immorality with a personal twist.  They are taught that Christianity is historically evil and a religion like Islam is inherently good, and as all children, they believe what they are told without question or taking the time to research the truth for themselves.  Two-thirds of people cannot name the three branches of America’s government or which party controls the House of Representatives.  This lack of knowledge and morality is permits those who would dupe them into voting for all the wrong things is going to be the downfall of the republic which made America great.

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