Declare war on the Islamic State

Obama policies - Gary McCoy

Obama’s policies have done far more to advance the cause of Islamic Jihadis than to help Americans looking for jobs.  Liberal’s fears that President Bush leading America to war on Islamist terrorists would create more is only born out through Obama’s impotent foreign policy.  Bush did more in Iraq and Afghanistan to successfully stemmed the tide of rising Islamists by killing Jihadis.  Obama’s has been rendering assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing governments that kept Jihadis under control.

Jihadi terrorists of ISIS/ISIL have taken enough territory and control enough resources to declare themselves a state unto themselves.  Ever since their decisive defeat at the gates of Vienna and the destruction of corsairs across the oceans, Islam has been rocked back on its heels as the technology of the West rendered the fanatical followers of Mohammad into cannon fodder.  With the advent of new wealth, Jihadis can obtain the weapons they need to re-establish the Caliphate that was destroyed when the Allies fractured the Ottoman Empire after WWI.

Make no mistake; these are not a bunch of thugs running in circles to loot, rape, and murder until they burn out.  They are a viable military force in the Middle East with the power and determination to take on and take out the countries that the U.S. has been trying to convert.  The Iraqi Army, trained and equipped by the USA, fell easily to the Jihadis.  The governments of Iran, Syria, and Libya are already allied with them making threats against U.S. intervention.

Barack Obama will not call them Jihadis, will not call them Islamic, and will not even call them a state.  He does nothing more than make token bombing and calls on other Moslem states in the Middle East to provide ground troops to fight them.  None of them, not even Kuwait and Saudi Arabia that America saved from Saddam, have offered to assist in the least of ways.

Democrats have always been dedicated to controlling America and letting the world burn until the fires strike this country.  Obama is more intent on destroying Americanism and has expressed as little interest in stemming the tide of Islamism rising in the world as Moslems.  None of the countries in the Middle East wants to take part in destroying the holy warriors of Allah that challenge the power of America.

Europeans are loathe to join having seen the weakness and lack of determination that this president displays.  There is no democracy in Islam as theocracies are every bit as statist as all socialist ideologies.  It is up to Congress, to Republicans, to declare war on Jihadis, the Islamic State, and any statist forces that threaten freedom in the world.

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