Obama policies saving Jihadi’s lives, women, and the planet from America

Predator firing

Sex, bombs, and Chicken Little hullabaloos; Barack Hussein Obama is so dismissive about confronting the rapidly growing Jihadi movement in the Middle East, and so contemptuous of Americans, that he is bombing empty buildings to spare Jihadis’ lives while giving speeches about bogus “climate disruption,” then passing off a latte salute to Marines.

Acting only to get his poll numbers up and possibly save his fellow Democrats from another mid-term rout, Obama makes a deal with the Saudis to get them on board against the Islamic State with promises to keep Jihadi casualties low.  Obama doesn’t really care if Democrats hold the Senate or not as his only plan is to blame all of his policy failures and destruction of America on Republicans.  While Jihadis are looting, raping, and murdering their way across the Middle East, Obama’s big plan to stop them is to spend a year training and equipping more Moslems to fight while he bombs vacant buildings.

Meanwhile, murders are being committed through lone wolf Jihadis in America, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere that the government liberal media is keeping as quiet as possible.  Obama made a big speech at the UN, not to denounce the holy warriors of Allah as the greatest danger of our time, but to extoll the virtues of the communist environmental movement.  He announced his greatest effort will not be to exterminate the vermin in the Middle East, but to divest taxpayers of more money and reduce American energy further in order to advance saving the planet from American’s use of fossil fuels and capitalism.

Obama’s ISIS policy is a total joke

Liberals believe America’s endeavors to destroy Jihadis is creating more of them, having no clue that Jihadis are Mohammad’s creation and have been around for centuries.  They see the recent rise of Islamic terrorist tactics as a modern reaction to American interference in Islamic countries and do not understand that Islam has been kept at bay by the technology of the West for the last four hundred years.  Their recent rise is due to wealth generated from oil revenues allowing them to buy modern weapons and infiltrate Europe and America.  Instead of concentrating on this actual threat of Jihadis expanding and infiltrating America to kill the innocent, Obama and his minions seek to distract the ignorant with Chicken Little cries of the earth is warming.

This scam has been so completely unmasked that global warming fraud, Al Gore, and actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, burn tons of fossil fuels to fly their jets to join their dim-witted protesters of American capitalism.  These swindlers, so intent on retaining this pretext to divest taxpayers of their money, invent new names for their agenda every year with the latest being “climate disruption.”  Along with claims of new dangers to the planet’s environment, they continue to fool some of the people all the time with their communist agenda to crush capitalism.

climate disruption - Michael Ramirez

The Left relentlessly pushes climate hoax in all-out assault on capitalism

That environmentalism became the new home of communism after the Soviet Union was crushed by President Ronaldus Magnus is no secret.  Their efforts to crush the capitalism that has made America the greatest economic power on earth can only succeed with the help of their brainless minions.  Democrats have succeeded in choking the life out of America’s economy to the extent that China now leads the world in economic power.  The crony capitalism of Red China’s socialist society is what Democrats wish to recreate by deconstructing America’s Constitution, and then remaking America so that only those who raise profits for the Democrat Party can succeed in business.


John Kerry panders to Code Pink with war on women scam

Meanwhile, John Kerry panders to Code Pink with the bogus, but still effective, Republican war on women propaganda, while in Australia fifteen Jihadis were recently arrested before they could execute their plan of going on a beheading rampage in Australian cities.  Americans are asleep to the fact that Jihadis have been murdering Americans on an individual basis and it is going unreported by the Democrat media.  Like the Boston bombers and Ft. Hood shooter, a lone Jihadi can kill many people before he gets caught.  This is not how you win a war, but it is how you destroy America’s prosperity and power.

An honest Muslim cleric in danger of becoming a Christian

America is facing extinction unless we act now to stop climate disruption

A shining example of liberalism’s fecal brain matter – a lesson for the young

Americans are in danger from homegrown Islamists in America

Declare war on the Islamic State

Obama’s UN Speech

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2 Responses to Obama policies saving Jihadi’s lives, women, and the planet from America

  1. Linda Sills says:

    Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together, can determine that the Global Warming hoax is all about a very slow, continuous march toward full blown Communism. Agenda 21 has been around since 1992 in America, and way back to the late 1800 in this country, Europe and Russia. Do your homework. The next time I speak in front of my city council, there will be no prisoners. I will unleash holy Hell on anyone who thinks Global Warming, Climate Change, Agenda 21, or sustainable development is anything other than the antithesis of our personal freedom, liberty and individual exceptionalism, free markets and true Capitalism. I will totally go ballistic. I will not stand for these lies any longer. The whole truth shall be exposed! This hoax of Agenda 21 is the biggest lie, since Hitler said..” It is all the Jew’s fault”..!


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