Praise for Democrat policies is defective understanding of economics


With propaganda like this for the ignorant people of America, Democrats continue to corrupt people into believing theirs is the superior economic system.  Few understand that Detroit is a city that has been run by Democrats, in a state run by Democrats, serving Democrat presidents and congressmen for the last sixty years.  Democrats turned it from being America’s Motor City into a wasteland and blame Republicans for it.  Meanwhile, capitalism has lifted nations like Japan and China out of poverty.  But in China, only those who serve the government can prosper which is the economic model sought by Democrats.

Understanding economics is of paramount importance in everyone’s lives, but most people have no understanding of how to handle their own finances let alone run a business.  The principle of income and spending is lost on most people, which is why so many put their trust in government and don’t understand they are putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.  In the last century, Democrats have appealed to the greed in people’s hearts and incited them to envy of the rich.

Politicians have praised or condemned the two economic systems of Republicans and Democrats.  What is today called Reaganomics and Obamanomics respectively are not new concepts, but the same economic policies that Republicans and Democrats have operated on since the founding of the nation.  Republicans believe in allowing people to prosper according to their own efforts with government protection, while Democrats believe government should take from those who prosper and give to those who do not regardless of the reason they fail to succeed, even if it’s because they are lazy.

Republicans believe in teaching people a trade, while Democrats believe in teaching people to steal from the rich.  Greed is always present and it is up to individuals to decide to be charitable, not government to force charity.  When people become wealthy they generally are far more generous with charities, while government taking from the rich always fills their own pockets before passing on any charity to the poor.

Here is where government and business go wrong.  In the 19th century, greedy businessmen paid workers a starving wage, and if they objected, they would be replaced because there were more immigrants looking for work than jobs available.  Republican President Theodore Roosevelt broke the backs of monopolies and endorsed a luxury tax on the rich so that those who benefited from America but did not give charity would help the nation.

Democrats under Wilson took this concept and raised taxes from 2% on the rich to 70%, and thus began America’s economic decline.  Although the economy grew in the 20th century, government grew more.  The failure here is that government jobs are only paid for by taking money out of the economy.

Government funding

The American government is meant to be a service to the people and does not provide anything that people need or want.  Democrats had other ideas.  In taking money from businesses, Democrats made the job market and economy smaller than it would have been.  America grew, but suffered the entire 20th century from Democrat economic policies.

Imagine you owned a business producing a product everyone wanted like Steve Jobs did with Apple.  When you employ ten thousand people making good salaries you decide to pay yourself $1,000,000.  Now the government comes along and says instead of you paying 10% tax like everyone else, you have to pay 90% in taxes to “give back” to the country from which you benefit.

Would you take an 80% pay cut and happily give your money to the government to have and spend as they pleased, especially knowing that half that money will go into their own pockets?  No, you would give yourself a raise so you continue to take home the same as you were before.  The problem is that money has to come from somewhere, and what businessmen end up doing is keeping production costs the same and cutting salaries but cutting employees.

Now those unemployed people who were making good salaries turn to the government that took money for unemployment or low paying government jobs, which is a pittance of what they were making.  Democrats blame the employer for being “greedy,” while Republicans blame the government for being thieves.  This is most of the problem with America’s “tax and spend like money is free” liberals and moderates.

Another is the artificial minimum wage.  Minimum wage jobs are not made to become a career for one person to be able to afford a house and a car and all the luxuries he wants.  They are starter jobs from which people progress as they gain experience and education in the job market.  An artificial minimum wage only becomes another choke point for hiring people without skills.

What people need to understand is that, contrary to what Democrats claim, all economics is trickle down and it has always worked.  The richer those at the top, the richer those are down the chain.  Democrats think rich people take millions and stuff them in their mattress never again to see the light of day.

Rich people spend their money on rich things, which enriches those who sell to them.  Those people, in turn, will spend their money on good things, buying from others.  Those people then buy goods and services from others on down the line.  There are no Americans who are poor.  The poorest Americans have a home and food and luxury items that third world kings do not have.

Now we come to politics and how government regulations manipulate the economy.  Democrats will say it takes five years for the president to affect the economy, but that is a lie.  Congress passes laws for taxes and regulations, and even gives subsidies, all of which manipulates what businesses succeed and which ones fail.

It only takes a few months for government regulations to seriously affect the economy.  And when you are dealing with a political party that believes in stealing from the rich, then you are also dealing with one that believes in lying about doing so.  Electing Democrats back to supreme power in 2006 after they had been dislodged by Reagan, Gingrich, and the Bushes, put them in a place where they could crash the economy and blame the president.  Ignorant people have no idea the president has nothing to do with the economy except make speeches, and Bush did a poor job in defending his presidency from the slanders of the Left.

Giving Democrats a Supermajority in 2008 set them up to rule as they pleased without Republican interference, and then propagandize at will to blame Republicans for all the destruction that Democrat policies have been causing.  People are an ignorant lot who are easily confused because they know and understand so little.  This is why the Founders set up the electoral system so that only those who behaved responsibly could vote for how their tax dollars are spent.

Now people vote on how many tax dollars are given to them, which only leads to more corruption.  And leftists who have worked at having teaching positions in America’s schools have corrupted the young with the lies that communism is good and capitalism is bad.  America has taken a turn toward the Dark Side and is in steep decline, and people are voting from complete ignorance to give power to those who are driving America over the cliff.

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