Reign of racist terror by worst bigot to be attorney general coming to an end

Holder's crimes

Holder’s crimes as Obama’s top cop would fill a volume of how criminal corruption can be instituted in government with the help of a community organizer given great power.

Montage of Holder scandals

Eric Holder, Obama’s top cop, has announced his retirement.  Having spent six years executing a racist agenda to persecute white Americans and leave black Americans and Moslems blameless in their crimes, Obama’s pit bull leaves office content that he has badly bloodied American justice.  Holder’s refusal to uphold laws against blacks and terrorists while persecuting whites has left the nation’s law enforcement shaken to its core with his corruption.

This is what happens when the people elect a president who has no more understanding of being an American, no more respect for America, and is so infused with all the racial animosity and religious spite of an Indonesian bred Moslem.  Holder went to extensive lengths to protect the “rights” of terrorists, including Major Hassan who waged Jihad on his fellow soldiers in Ft. Hood, but which he and Obama decided to call “workplace violence” as if he were just an unhappy worker.  He went to greater lengths in avoiding prosecution of IRS corruption targeting conservatives, and setting the dogs against police in Ferguson where a violent black criminal was gunned down while attacking a white police officer.  His sale of assault weapons to Mexican drug dealers landed him in a congressional investigation that he stonewalled with Obama’s help.

Holder turns his face away from black rioters and those committing race crimes against whites.  His subversion of the justice system is no different than would have occurred had the leader of the Black Panthers been given the same power.  His racism and bigotry against whites in favor of blacks is the product, not of a just soul, but of one whose heart is utterly corrupt.  As attorney general, the top law enforcement authority in the country, Holder is the only presidential cabinet member in history ever to be held in Contempt of Congress.  He has constantly charged anyone who said he or Obama did wrong as being motivated only by racism, and for him to condemn Americans as “cowardly racists” is the absolute pinnacle of leftist self-righteous hypocrisy.

Rush Limbaugh said of his resignation;

“He’s just gonna be replaced with Al Sharpton or somebody like him.  I mean, that’s what the DOJ has been turned into.  Eric Holder has subverted the Department of Justice and now it’s no different than if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton were running it, and whoever Obama nominates is gonna be Obama Jr. or Obama III in there.

“There may be a Supreme Court vacancy, and I can see Barack Obama nominating Eric Holder to fill it…”

Obama may seek to fill his post with another racist before Republicans take control of the Senate.  Republicans say they will reverse the Democrat’s alteration of the filibuster rule that they reduced to 51 votes to pass confirmations more easily.  If they do, they damn well better make it retroactive and nullify all of Obama’s appointments and not allow their corruption to stand.

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