Giving the Islamic State fair warning, Obama tips his hand to Jihadis

Burning Jihad flag

Now that Jihadis have inflamed the people with their cruel murders, the people rise up to call on their leaders to burn them down.  But Obama is not only reticent about taking action, the action he is taking is giving the Jihadis time to take cover.  An air campaign at this point is a strategy of – one bomb, one kill, and will do nothing to degrade and destroy the Jihad of the Islamic State.

In the past three weeks, Jihadi murderers have treated the world to the depravity of their religion by posting videos of themselves taking the heads of captives.  They did so in response to Obama dropping a few bombs on them, apparently in the belief that they would instill fear in Americans and Brits.  Instead, they have fired up the people to demand action from their leaders to annihilate these rabid beasts and send the message to Islam, not only will we not tolerate your Jihad, we will exterminate those who take up the sword of Mohammad.

But the leaders of America and Great Britain are not men of resolve, but limp noodles who care nothing for the people because they do not see themselves as serving the people, but ruling them.  Rather than launch the might of nations against these creatures from the Dark Ages, they send words of appeasement to Islamists around the world.  Instead of launching a campaign of obliteration, they inform the enemy of the West of their intentions and give them pinprick attacks to warn them in advance to take shelter in populated zones.

The Obama lack of a strategy is playing right into the hands of Jihadis, giving them fair warning to take cover letting them know they can continue to operate without interference from America.  Since they began spitting in Obama’s face the blood of beheaded Americans, their ranks have swelled to double what they were a month ago.  Now, instead of massacring Jihadis lined up in the open desert, they must be picked off one at a time amidst frightened civilians.

Obama pundits claim his strategy is the same as President Bush’s.  President Bush led the nation to war to destroy the Jihadis while the Left anxiously wrung the hands in fear of creating more.  After the surge wiped out resistance in Iraq, Obama displayed his weakness by pulling American troops out of the region entirely and supported the Muslim Brotherhood in launching their campaign to rebuild a Jihad in America’s absence.  This predicament has been crafted from the start by Obama and his pro-Moslem policies.

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The Islamic State is gaining thousands of new Jihadis by the day in the face of Obama’s impotence.  Leftists say Obama’s strategy is the same as President Bush’s, but Bush sent the military in to destroy Jihadis, while Obama sends a few bombs to warn them.



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2 Responses to Giving the Islamic State fair warning, Obama tips his hand to Jihadis

  1. ME says:

    It seems that the left’s prediction of ‘more jihadis created’ was pretty accurate, no?


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