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Americans are in danger from homegrown Islamists in America

All American teenager, Brendan Tevlin, was gunned down while sitting in his car by Ali Muhammad Brown.  Tevlin was the fourth American murdered by the Islam convert in revenge for America bombing Islamic State Jihadis.  This is just one of … Continue reading

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Declare war on the Islamic State

Obama’s policies have done far more to advance the cause of Islamic Jihadis than to help Americans looking for jobs.  Liberal’s fears that President Bush leading America to war on Islamist terrorists would create more is only born out through … Continue reading

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Giving the Islamic State fair warning, Obama tips his hand to Jihadis

Now that Jihadis have inflamed the people with their cruel murders, the people rise up to call on their leaders to burn them down.  But Obama is not only reticent about taking action, the action he is taking is giving … Continue reading

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Not warring on not Islamic terrorists not a state by not a leader

Obama announces the U.S. will lead from behind by providing support and training for Moslems to fight the Islamic State terror army.  This strategy worked so well with the Iraqi army that was trained and equipped at the cost of … Continue reading

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Saying Islamic State not Islamic, Obama’s America will train Arabs to fight them

Obama announced America will seek to form a coalition of Moslem nations to provide troops to fight ISIL/ISIS.  He declared that America will train and arm them while providing air support.  This strategy he claims has had great success in … Continue reading

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Failing to make the grade – Is America declining because of Obama or Congress?

Americans are unhappy with the current state and direction that the country is heading.  While conservatives are disgusted with the corruption and socialist policies being instituted by Obama that are harming the nation, liberals are unhappy he has not crushed … Continue reading

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Twisting Obama’s arm to obey the will of the people

Six months ago Obama blew off ISIL as “the JV team.”  Now he denies he said that about them earning him four pinnochios from Factcheck.  He shows no concern for the atrocities of these Sunni Islamists and is extremely reticent … Continue reading

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