The Supreme Court will decide if election rigging becomes law

“Liberals are so stupid…”

“How stupid are they?”

“Liberals are so stupid that they think investigating election fraud is a threat to democracy. That’s like saying investigating a murder is a threat to law and order.”

If this is the extent of their “rational thinking,” then we should just shoot them and tell the police not to investigate! This is reason number ten why stupid people should not be allowed to vote. Here’s the list of liberal failures in voting and in life.

Why stupid people should not be allowed to vote:

  • They choose ignorance over knowledge
  • They choose lies over truth
  • They choose greed over charity
  • They choose laziness over industriousness
  • They choose stealing over responsibility
  • They choose hate over patriotism
  • They choose slavery to tyranny over liberty
  • They choose Satanism over God
  • They choose blaming others for problems they create for themselves
  • They choose to turn a blind eye to their own cheating over their pretense of fairness

Liberalism has been proven to be a mental disorder of irrational minds that never develop into maturity but are forever emotionally dysfunctional. There are degrees of insanity ranging from gibbering idiots to the functionally insane. They account for the pathological liars, sociopaths, and liberal fools that comprise the criminal wing of the Democrat Party and their leaders.

Joe Biden, who campaigned from his basement for six months, received fewer votes than Hillary in blue state cities, but more votes than the messiah Obama in swing states. How is that possible? If any liberal thinks (talk about an oxymoron) that he can make a case for that, then he is as stupid as he is foolish. Democrats like FOX News’ new attorney, Turley, analyzing the court cases keeps saying there aren’t enough votes to overturn the election results. Maybe not among the dead that voted, but there are millions of bogus ballots from so-called mail-in votes that should be disqualified. Fired CISA Director Krebs keeps parroting Obama claiming this was “the most secure election in history.” Maybe it was secure from Russia like all elections are since all they were found to have done was buy Facebook ads. But no election has been secure from Democrat operatives. What is secure about anonymous ballots without voter ID, mail-in or otherwise? What is secure about obstructing Republican observers? Liberals are ignorant of 99% of the facts in this investigation.

They claim there were no “shenanigans.” Believing them is like believing Al Capone saying he was just a businessman. They claim the election was 100% legitimate. If this were the case, then why did Democrats kick Republican observers out of counting rooms while they added hundreds of thousands of ballots in each swing state for Biden without confirmation of validity? They keep saying the recount was the same as the machine count. Why wouldn’t it be when they added millions of invalid ballots to that count? How many people reported that their vote was changed or that they were not allowed to vote because someone else had already voted for them? The news doesn’t report the thousands of cases of these events. Republicans willing to submit to election rigging by Democrats because it’s so hard to battle through the courts in time to stop it are just a pack of swamp rats. Losing with dignity to cheating just makes them quitters as well as losers.

Democrats spent three years and a hundred million taxpayer dollars investigating election fraud in 2016. No one obstructed that investigation! The Mueller team used that to perform a microscopic anal examine of Donald Trump’s entire life, including his taxes, and found NOTHING! Not only did they find no evidence of any kind of election tampering, not only did they find no evidence of any crime Donald Trump may have committed in his entire life, but they found not even the hint of ethical misconduct. Donald J. Trump is a paragon of virtue, a veritable saint among the richest people in the world. Liberals who keep demanding Trump’s taxes be made public expect what? They can’t understand their own 1040EZ. How would they understand the taxes of a billionaire businessman?

In 2020, Democrats are not asking for election integrity to be proven but are instead threatening the lives of anyone who says there was election tampering who demands an investigation into election integrity. While we knew that it was impossible for a foreign country to change our election, we also know that Democrat operatives working in concert at polling stations are more than capable of and did conduct criminal election fraud. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told liberal dupes for three years that he had proof of Russian collusion. Yet when Mueller presented his evidence it was an empty jacket filled with nothing but supposition and innuendo. Donald Trump was not impeached for stealing the election. He was impeached by Democrats over a fictional crime that was tossed out by Republicans. This election of Biden needs to be tossed out by Republicans and let Democrats scream foul till they are blue in the face!

The election to date has not been decided. News media declaring a winner does not make Biden the president-elect, nor is there an “Office of President-Elect.” This is all a Democrat fiction created to dupe their liberal fools. As it now stands, the Electoral College is Trump 232 to Biden 227. There are 79 points in the six contested swing states. States that have certified their votes before this contest is concluded are false, and just because some Republicans are RINO traitors working with Democrats does not make them legitimate. Now, Democrats are screaming that Republican allegations are all as empty as shifty Schiff’s. But they don’t want that to be proven in court because they know they are lying and got caught! This is more proof that Democrats falsely accuse Republicans of crimes that are the very same crimes that Democrats commit. The reason they accused Trump of cheating to steal the 2016 election is because they don’t believe that their cheating could be defeated except by better cheating.

If the Supreme Court does vacate this election and send it to the state’s legislatures, if they do not throw out the millions of bogus ballots, if they do not investigate and vacate the machines Democrats used to commit election fraud, if they do not recommend the prosecution of Democrat agents, and Lyin’ Biden is allowed to assume the presidency, then this nation will be lost to socialist tyranny. No election in the future will be valid as Democrats will simply use the precedent of adding ballots after Election Day to flip whatever election they want. They will make America a one-party fascist state of communism. The only recourse that will be left to American patriots will be to once again rise up against the dictators in a Second American Revolution, which will just be the final phase of Democrat’s 2nd Civil War that they are winning via their coup.

[Author’s Note: Democrats are already running the steal in Georgia’s senate run-offs. Thousands of Democrats are moving to Georgia requesting ballots while claiming to having residency living at motels, businesses, or just getting post office boxes. Democrats have mailed out a million ballots to be used to defraud the people. Like all lower courts, the Supreme Court has no standing by which to allow fraudulent ballots to be counted. Eliminating illegal ballots does not disenfranchise anyone. Counting them does! If President Trump does not fight to #StoptheSteal with everything he’s got, then millions of American lives will be lost to the socialist war on humanity, and only our enemies will benefit.]

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4 Responses to The Supreme Court will decide if election rigging becomes law

  1. You know that you are about to disenfranchise all the dead. And when it comes to dumb voters I even have a good pro-abortion argument: Leftists shouldn’t multiply! I hear you, the value of life and stuff, but there are two moral goods pitted against one another. Think about it! 😉

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  2. Bob Green says:

    Dusky…Have you considered putting a link so your good articles can be put on Parler?

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